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Living in Leamington for my Second Year

The transition to second year brings a whole new set of learnings. The biggest lesson I learnt, along with the horrible realisation that I can no longer wake up 10 mins before my 9AM, is the fact that I no longer live on campus.

Whilst there are other locations available to Warwick students, I chose to live in Leamington Spa during my second year. I made this decision for several reasons:

  1. The grand majority of students live in Leamington (or simply ‘Leam’, as the locals call it), therefore I would be close to many of my friends.
  2. It is close to the shops, and you know, I’m a shopaholic (or, a window-shopaholic. Your girl’s on a budget)
  3. I was able to get a part-time job in Marks and Spencers, which was just under a five minute walk from my house.
  4. Leamington Spa is voted the best place to live in the UK, so why not?!

Students often rush into finding a house around November, which means that all the ‘good’ properties go early, and so to secure a reasonably nice house, you have to beat the rest of the crowds. However, this does cause a degree of conflict, especially as you would have only known your future flatmates for just over a month. I arranged accommodation in November with my Rootes flatmates, but by May, I decided to live with other people. This caused a lot of problems in terms of finding someone to replace me in the housing contract, but it also wasted a lot of my time. Therefore, my advice to you is to be sure that you know that the people you are living with will be people you want to live with, and not just temporary friends. It is also important to know what you’re looking for. South Leamington is further from the shops, but it is cheaper and easier to catch a bus early in the morning. However, whilst North Leamington is ‘nicer’, the houses tend to be slightly smaller and many buses might pass you until you’re able to find one with spaces available.

Nevertheless, the best thing about living in Leamington for me is the fact that nearly everyone else lives in Leamington. Although I have mentioned this divide between ‘North’ and ‘South’, it is an often debated topic of where the line is drawn. Does North end at the bottom of the Parade, which means that only the Parade can be considered ‘North’? Or does North end at the Church, which is central Leam? Either way, you’re able to walk from the top of the Parade (the main street of Leam) to the church in less than ten minutes. Right after the Church, is then South Leam. Essentially meaning that you’re able to walk from North to South in 20mins. This is extremely convenient, and useful when meeting up with others to work on group projects, or simply catch up on a much needed coffee.

Anyone who is my friend knows that I love going out to eat. I have been to most of the coffee shops in North Leam, where I live, but the whole town is such an amazing hub of cafés, restaurants, and bars. I would say that out of all the other options, such as Canley or Earlsdon, Leamington has the best range of places in which to socialise.

Therefore, much as I did with my previous post, I now recommend you to get a place in Leamington. If you’re a first year looking for a place, I do strongly believe that Leamington is the place to be.

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