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Living in Earlsdon

Earlsdon is a suburb of Coventry with its own high street, and is effectively a mini Leam. I lived just off the main street in 2 year with two other flatmates, in a little terraced house with a grassy jungle round the back, and loved it.

For me, Earlsdon had everything I needed within a ten minute walk. The Coop at the end of the high street was where I got the groceries, Boots where I got any meds, there was an organic shop for when I was feeling virtuous and a branch of spoons when I was not. There were charity shops, a DIY shop, Greggs, a Tiki bar, a hairdresser, a chippy, some decent restaurants and takeaways and a bike shop, which came in handy when my bike lock broke.

In the effort to improve my fitness I either biked or walked onto campus, which was bitterly cold in winter but worth it for the exercise high. Cycling took approximately 20 minutes and walking took 40, which sometimes seemed long but was over a golf course and through a field and a wood, so was rather relaxing until I reached the highway. In the event of a rare hangover I did take exception and get the bus, which was a five minute walk away and took around 15/20 minutes to get onto campus, or under an hour to get to Leam.

Aside from the practicalities, the thing I most liked about living in Earlsdon was the community. Some of my coursemates and other friends lived nearby and we used to go round to each other’s houses and host little Earlsdon parties, which were quaint things that didn’t end up face down on the floor at some sticky club. That said, we did make use of the close proximity to Kasbah now and then. My flatmates and I occasionally breakfasted at some of the wee cafes, or had dinner at the restaurants, and went to War Memorial Park to revise together on some of those glorious sunny May/June days.

The way I saw it, Earlsdon had everything that Leam had to offer, but was closer to the uni. Sure, it was a slightly longer walk to the cinema in Cov, and the red brick high street might not have had the sweeping glamour of the Parade, but I could still do and get everything I needed to. I could even cycle to the ice rink with my skates, which is a luxury I’d never been able to do before or since.

The only reason I don’t live there this year is because my current flatmates and I decided to be within a quicker walking distance of uni. I have fantastic memories of living in Earlsdon; it’s not an obvious choice of place to live, but all the better for it.

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