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Living in Canley: Pros & Cons

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Coming to Warwick was the first time I had lived away from home, as it is for many students. Spending my first year in halls, it was another big step to move off-campus as I began my second year & now that I’ve settled into this new way of life, I thought it would be helpful to some of you if I chatted briefly about this…

Whilst many students choose to live in Leamington Spa or Earsldon, myself and my 2 housemates reside in Canley, the nearest area to the university campus. Here’s some pros and cons based on our experience:


–         – Incredibly near to university; Canley is the closest you can live to campus without being in halls! We live walking distance to our department (great for 9am classes!), not to mention Cannon Park shopping centre. This means we avoid the long commute and overcrowded buses faced by those who live in Leamington.

– C- Canley also has a train station with regular services to Birmingham and London (as well as the bigger station in nearby Coventry) which is really useful and keeps us well connected.  It’s on average 25 minutes to Birmingham and 1 and a half hours to London.

–         – However, Canley covers quite a big area and some parts would be a much longer walk to get to uni; as well as being a little removed from local bus routes. So if you’re looking at houses here, just be aware of that – it is always helpful to check Google Maps & work out how far your walk would be to campus, how near the buses stop & also how safe/practical this journey would be (the A45, a  dual carriageway, runs right through the centre of Canley so if you live on the wrong side of this you’d need to either cross the busy road or use a subway. Again, just something to bear in mind!)

–         – It’s a quiet suburban area. There’s plenty of families living close by us and it feels very homely to come back to a proper little neighbourhood at the end of the day. Although the Warwick bubble is lovely, I think it’s important to have a clear line between home and uni going into 2nd year, so it’s good to have that proper sense of homeliness.


–         – However, this means there’s not much going on in terms of bars or pubs etc, so if socialising nightly is a priority for you, maybe Leamington is the place to be. However, from Canley we can always get a bus or taxi to Leam for social events so all is not lost. And as ever, there’s so much going on on campus and all the bars and restaurants frequented by students still within easy access.

–         – Rental prices are much lower on average than in Leamington, and my own experience (based on talking to friends plus viewing a variety of properties in both locations last year!) is that value for money is often much better in Canley.


Olivia Kershaw | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Olivia

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