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Living in campus halls during my final year

Hi everyone,

Warwick offers guaranteed campus accommodation to those returning from a study abroad (or at least they did during my year). This helped to remove any stress that may arise from finding off-campus accommodation whilst on the other side of the world.

I applied for campus accommodation in November during my study abroad, received confirmation of a place mid-January, and was told exactly which accommodation I would be staying in around mid-February (Tocil- which was my first choice!).

Whilst this helped me focus on my study abroad experience, part of me was worried about moving back to halls during my final year. What if the rest of my flat applied as a group and all know each other very well? Turns out, all except for one of my 5 other flatmates also studied abroad and were in the same boat as me (not really knowing many people upon their return and applied for campus accommodation individually).

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time living on campus during my final year, and it definitely helps that the finalists living with you are most likely to live with study abroad returners too.

The benefits of living on campus this year that I have found:

✓ Removes the pressure of trying to find a place quickly when abroad

✓ All bills are included, helps to budget

✓ Living with others in the same position: looking to meet new people

✓ Not needing to worry about campus study spaces which helped to focus on my studies

✓ Being close to the sports club/society events which makes socialising easier

✓ Not needing to worry about buying a bus pass or working around bus times etc

✓ Benefit from Warwick Accommodation services who fix any problems really quickly

*Shout out to Tocil flat 11’s Christmas party, and also the only photo we have together as a flat*

Like with anything, there are downsides to campus accommodation (although personally, I do think that the benefits outweighed the weaknesses if for anything, to avoid thinking about housing in Australia)

For example:

✘ Can sometimes feel like first-year student life all over again (which is not always the best thing when your final year is so important)

✘ Can feel isolating when the friends you make all live in Leamington or Coventry

✘ Campus food outlets can feel limited. Whilst I didn’t have a problem with the food choices on campus during my first, or even second year, it felt very restricted this year. Although this can be easily tackled by visiting other local areas (or even just cooking!)

*Trip to Varsity – which is off-campus, yet within walking distance from our accommodation*

*Shout out to Abbie for the spontaneous trip to the Campus Piazza to watch Eurovision*

All things considered, I am glad that I chose to live on campus this year. It didn’t feel as “loud” and “wild” as the first year was since Warwick place you in the same flat as your year group. Nevertheless, it helped to perfectly balance academia and socialising, which in turn, helped me to stay really organised and enjoy the year.

Shanita 🙂 xo

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