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Living away from home

Hi everyone this is my first ever blog on the university student blogs page so if you don’t find this one helpful please bare with because I have plenty more to come which will go into lots of different areas of university.

So I have currently been living on campus for one whole month! How time flies! I moved into New Rootes on the 3rd of October and I’ve got to mention how good it is! So New Rootes is the modern version of Old Rootes and if you receive an email that says you have been offered Rootes take it straight away. Rootes in slap bang in the middle of campus, the laundrette is outside the Student Union both of which are a 2 minute walk away. The Student Union is where all of the events happen so it is ideal if you are big party person. The piazza square containing Rootes Grocery Store, Costa, Fusion Bar, Curiositea, the Terrace Bar, bus intercahnge and so much more is just round the corner from Rootes. On the Health Centre Road is the Doctors and a taxi rank which is fabulous if you are wanting to go to Coventry with some friends for shopping or nightlife. So basically Rootes is the perfect place to enjoy campus life as well as its (very true) reputation of being very party central and sociable.

However, to those people that are not interested in partying or drinking, that is absolutely not a problem either because the variety of societies you can get involved in, that hold socials throughout the year, are not drinking related allow you to enjoy doing the things you love with people that share similar interests to you. I personally am not a huge party girl and I have found that by engaging in sports and drama, I have met similar people who I’ve gone to the cinema and shopping with. So don’t feel pressured because everybody is different, there are many people who do not party on campus and if nothing else Warwick welcomes individuality.

Moving onto living away from home (the key point of my blog sorry I tend to go off on a tangent), I am a huge home bird and I was slightly concerned that I would get very homesick so be prepared if you are moving away. The key thing is to not go home for the first few months, it is hard I completely understand that but I have definitely settled in so much more as a result of staying at university. Try to go out and socialise with people even go to events that you wouldn’t usually go to so that you can get a sense of university life and it definitely takes your mind off home. The way to look at it is everybody is in the same boat. Try not to feel like you are alone in it because most people get homesick but try to hide it. What I did was emersed myself in all that uni has to offer because you only get out what you put in. It definitely has been easier for me these last few weeks and before you know it Christmas is on the way!!!

I have been to many events already for example, party events, volunteering socials, sociology socials, Coventry shopping events and lots of others because it is so good to try new things to get a feel for what you are interested in. University is the opportunity for you to find out your likes/ dislikes and do the things that you want to do. Living at university is hugely different to home, first of all the amount of people you live with and constantly being on campus is such a big change and takes you a while to adjust but importantly socialising with your flatmates is very important because these are the people you will live with for the next year (and maybe further years if you are lucky enough to find some good friends there). University is the first step of your life where you are completely indepedant so don’t worry if you miss home and make mistakes that is very normal and is how you learn but so far I am loving university and being away from home.

I hope you had found this blog helpful if you have any further questions about living away or other related topics just email me at:

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