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Live life on the Veg! Veggie life as a student!

Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

At the beginning of 2020 marked five years of me eating a meat free life. None of my family were vegetarian when I decided to make this decision and as a previous meat lover, I can assure you no one really thought it would last this long.  

This is because, five years ago, there wasn’t as much variety in meat substitutes or vegetarian/vegan dishes as there is now and so people would constantly ask me how I got my protein and what exactly did I even eat? It is hard to visualise a change in lifestyle and it’s plausibility until you try it and realise it’s not as hard as you think and there are actually many benefits to eating vegetarian or cutting down on meat. 

One benefit is that it allows you to think more about what exactly you’re eating. You are more likely to scan ingredients or do more research into your meal to make sure it is meat free and this makes you more conscious of the ingredients and what you want to put into your body and what you don’t. 

Another advantage is that being vegetarian can make you more healthy. Of course, you can always eat 10 margarita or veggie pizza etc but being veggie cuts down on the variety of fast foods you can eat. For me, it allowed me to explore dishes that I could cook for myself rather than the limited options shops or fast food could give me. This allows you to control the salt or sugar content etc so there you can balance your meals they way you want them. As well as this, vegetables and unprocessed vegetarian food is some of the cheapest food you can buy which is so beneficial as a uni student. 

Finally, eating a meat free life or a reduced meat life allows you to explore new dishes and get creative with what you eat. You can explore different ingredients you can use instead of eating meat and try something new. Many dishes are easily adaptable in many different types of cuisines.   

The main message I like to give out when people ask me about not eating meat is that I don’t want to be someone who forces my life style or what I eat on others. I would rather praise my friends or those around me in their eating habits in the small steps they make to try and be healthier, happier  and even save money! 

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has a great week, happy Tuesday!




Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina
  • Catherine Osborne Modern Languages

    As someone who is approaching their one year anniversary of being a vegetarian, I love this post! I’ve become such a better cook since changing, and so much braver with my food choices because I’m actually cooking for myself; trying new recipes, and not just living off ready made food <3


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