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Live Below The Line

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So this week I decided to challenge myself and do something different (and beneficial). I decided to take part in a charity challenge called Live Below The Line with my fellow residents in my accommodation.

LBTL is a fundraising campaign involving any Australians that want to take part in order to raise awareness and money for those living in extreme poverty. From the 6th-10th May I (along with 16 other friends) decided to take on the challenge of living on just $2 a day. $2 a day is the reality for so many people in and out of Australia who live below the extreme poverty line. I’m using the $2 a day for food, but in reality those living in poverty have to stretch this money to cover food, accommodation, transport, medicine and so much more – it’s a harsh reality to even consider.

Day 1…

The LBTL leaders went to buy the food today for all of the participants and it was less pleasant than I expected. Half a cup of porridge in the morning, homemade soup for lunch (vegetable stock and frozen veggies), and pasta with canned tomatoes for dinner – we also got a banana each day as a snack. This first day was a huge shock to the system and for someone who normally enjoys grazing on meals throughout the day, it was far more difficult than I expected. I ended the day pretty hungry and extremely exhausted.

Day 2…

I decided to use half of my banana in my oats to make it slightly more bearable and it worked wonders. I was relatively full from my breakfast and so had my lunch late. Feeling good about how the challenge was going I started to do some uni work, but around 4pm the hunger pangs struck again, and I had to wait until 7pm for my dinner – it made concentrating on anything other than food extremely difficult. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my tomato pasta that evening.

Day 3…

FInally getting into the swing of things I settled down to eat my banana porridge and headed off to my classes for the day. It didn’t take long until my stomach was rumbling along to my lecturers and I almost sprinted home to eat my soup for lunch. Although I felt much less focused on food this day it was still a struggle.

Day 4…

Today I’m writing this blog and it makes me a lot happier to know that tomorrow is the finish line! But for all those I’m raising money for there is no finish line – this is the reality for them every single day. Just living on 600 calories a day for 4 days has made me realise how much we need food to function properly: I’ve found myself becoming tired easily and not being able to concentrate on anything other than my next meal.

So I have one day left and I can’t wait to finish, but I’m so proud of the awareness this challenge has given me. It’s a huge reality for so many people to be living on this tiny amount of money each day, and it has certainly made me realise how much money I waste on unnecessary food when I could be donating it to those who really can’t afford it. If you’d like to help out by donating to my page it would be incredible (every single pound is one step closer to helping everyone living under the extreme poverty line), but also try to get involved with charity events yourself. In most cases it’s simply a day or a week out of your time and it’s so worth it!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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