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Listen Up Law Students: top 10 podcasts

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I know what you’re thinking. Podcasts? Really? I felt the same way up until recently. But podcasts are great because you can listen to them when you’re just chilling in bed, scrolling through your phone, washing the dishes, driving, or even working out! So, if you’re willing to give it a try, here’s my top 10 podcasts for law students (in no particular order!) – all free on Apple Podcasts!

(1) The Advocacy Podcast – a great podcast series run by a Barrister Bibi Badejo who interviews some of the best trial lawyers around the world to discuss how to excel in the courtroom. There’s episodes on cross-examination, the soft skills of advocacy, closing with confidence, and other key skills! Hearing from a range of different lawyers makes each episode completely unique & engaging.

(2) The Pupillage Podcast – this podcast series was created by Middle Temple, one of the Inns of Court. There’s a total of 25 episodes going over everything from perfecting your CV, to mini-pupillages, choosing a practice area, and even the future of the bar. I love this series because the episodes work really well chronologically & provide really useful insights into each ‘step’ towards the bar.

(3) Legally Pod if you’re a law student & you haven’t looked at The Lawyer Portal, you absolutely need to do it now. This podcast series was created by The Lawyer Portal and features interviews and insights from industry experts across the legal profession. I recommend that even if you’re 100% set on one career path, listen to the other episodes too because some of the advice may still apply!

(4) Hey Legal – this is actually a podcast series designed for Scottish lawyers but much of the content is still relevant if you’re wanting to practice in England and Wales. Going back through almost 50 episodes, there’s a huge range of topics covered & their new ‘Hey Legal Quiz’ segment is great!

(5) Girls Take on Law – Gabrielle Wall & Lauren Basham are Future Trainee Solicitors and they tailor their podcast specifically to girls taking on law. A ‘light-hearted & chatty’ podcast that discusses everything from undergraduate degrees, to applications, and even dealing with heartbreak in your personal life when you’re in the middle of your LPC!

(6) Law in Action – This BBC Radio 4 podcast looks at current legal matters and applies the law to real-life events as and when they happen. Some examples include looking at the rise in knife crime, the law on climate change, and the legality of COVID-19 penalties. This is a great podcast as it allows you to think about how your legal knowledge and skills apply to the real world. Also, some legal interviews will ask what your legal opinion is on some current event that has been in the news recently so it’s great to start thinking in that way!

(7) Advocacy in Court: Preparation and Performance – if you can’t tell already, I’m really loving the Advocacy podcasts! This one is great because the episodes are up to 15 minutes long & you can listen to them in the order that they were published, or just listen to whichever ones you fancy. There’s 18 episodes in total covering a broad range of issues relating to courtroom advocacy!

(8) The LawCareers.Net Podcast – this podcast (allegedly) brings you ‘everything you need to know about becoming a lawyer’ including discussions on disability in the legal profession, digital law and technology, application dos and don’ts, and a whole heap more. Also, their website should already be in your Bookmarks bar!!

(9) Talking Law with Sally Penni MBE a podcast from Women in the Law UK, this series profiles leading figures such as Bernard Richmond QC, Frances Swaine, Amanda Pinto QC, and more. At the time of writing, there are 55 episodes and each one features a legal professional that is well worth listening to!

(10) Raising the Bar – sorry aspiring solicitors, this is another one for the aspiring barristers! Raising the Bar is ‘an accessible conversation about everything one may encounter on the road to the wig and gown’. There’s a mix of valuable practical advice about the Bar Course and Qualifying Sessions, motivational episodes about worthiness at the Bar, interviews with barristers, and whatever else you need to work your way to the Bar.

As an extra tip – ‘Up First’, ‘The Two-Minute Briefing’ and ‘Global News Podcast’ are great daily podcasts that summarise key events that are happening around the world so that you’re always aware of the headlines. When you’re listening to these news stories, try to consider the legal issues and implications!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything to do with law, specifically the route to the…
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