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Linguistics Offer Holder Days: What Can You Expect?

Emilly Taylor | English Language and Linguistics Contact Emilly

If you’re reading this, then maybe you’re a prospective Linguistics, English Language and Linguistics, or other Applied Linguistics prospective student. Perhaps you’re due to attend one of the offer holder days that are coming up soon?

Although the thought may be daunting, there’s little to worry about! For the last year, I have been attending the offer holder days for prospective Applied Linguistics students to come and say hello, share my stories, and of course, hijack a bit of coffee and cake. 

Many prospective students have plenty of questions, but aren’t really sure what to expect from the day itself. Well, I can tell you there’s plenty to be excited about!

Usually, the head of the department will chat to you and your parents as a group about the courses that we can offer, what the programmes look like, and what all the nitty gritty means. And as important as that is for you to know, the department know that you want some real, tangible proof that these programmes are as great as they say they are.

And that is where I step in! A few current students will attend the offer holder day from a range of courses in the department, from Linguistics with a Modern Language, Language, Culture, and Communication, and of course, English Language and Linguistics. 

ELL is one of the fastest growing and most pursued courses in the department. And make no mistake, it can be very competitive to get a place on the course. In getting an offer, you’ve managed to stack the deck in your favour. Now you get the chance to find out if the course is exactly what you’re looking for!

As a student myself, I get many questions during the offer days about accommodation, campus life, and more. But I’m always really happy to chat about the course itself. One thing you can expect from us as students is that we really aren’t going to sugar coat anything to you! Last year, one parent told me how happy he was that we didn’t seem to mitigate anything, he appreciated how honest we were about the department, what we thought of our courses and lectures, and how confident we were to chat about it all. And that is something you’ll see for yourself when you attend an offer holder day. You’ll get to chat to real students who will give you their real opinions and experiences, no matter how embarrassing they might be!

My advice to you as a prospective student is to come with as many questions as you like, as in depth as you like, and give us everything you’ve got! Challenge us with your questions, we love a good chat over some flapjacks and tea, and we love to get passionate about our department and our courses. 

So, you know what to expect from us, but what do we expect from you?

Really, we’re so excited to meet you all! We want to know what you’re passionate about, what you love about language and what you are most excited about for the course you’re applying for. We can’t wait to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the Applied Linguistics Community.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about offer holder days if you have any, and if you’re attending, I look forward to meeting you in February and March!


 ~ Emilly 

Emilly Taylor | English Language and Linguistics Contact Emilly

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