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Life in Leamington

As much as I am looking forward to all of the little perks that will come with living closer to campus again next year, I am sad to be leaving Leamington. It is undoubtedly a student town during term time so many events and attractions are designed with students in mind. Aside from that though, it is just a lovely place to be regardless of who you are and what your interests may be.

It’s a shame to have been restricted for so much of my time here. Yes, it has still be nice this year to be living in the calming atmosphere of the town even with everything shut, but at the same time, there are still many things I hope to do or I am sad to have missed out on doing.

With that in mind I thought I’d share some of the things in Leamington that have made my stay here over the past two years so enjoyable and I’ll try to show that there really is something for everyone round here.


First things first, Leamington is great for small, independent Coffee Shops and cafes. This might not be a big deal to everyone but I liked the idea that I could always have somewhere to go if I wanted to separate myself from my work or if I was looking for a nice place to sit and catch up with friends. This more than anything else is the perk of being in Leamington that I have taken advantage of the most and still I haven’t made my way round them all yet.

But many people are much more outgoing than me and will be more interested in the clubs and bars. I’m no expert here but just basing my assumptions on the number of names of bars and clubs that my housemates throw around and I still fail to recognise, it really can’t be all that bad. There are certainly options. My personal favourite is The Old Library down in the south of Leamington as I feel it’s atmosphere is much more relaxed and, who am I kidding, it’s because it has library in the name.

One of my biggest disappointments last year was not being around in Leamington at the end of term 3 to enjoy some of the summer sun in Leamington’s parks and gardens. Everyone in Leamington will know what you mean when you refer to the pump rooms and Jephson gardens as these are true student staples it seems. Whether you want to sit down in the sun to read or if you’re out for your daily allowance of fresh air and exercise during lockdown, the green spaces in Leamington make it a very pleasant experience.

In all honesty, Leamington has just about everything else I could think of as well. The shops around here cater to most needs and if you’re looking for something different you can always get a quick bus or train to Birmingham or Coventry which are very close by. There are plenty of restaurants to sit in and enjoy a good meal as well as plenty of takeaways which have been real lifesavers for many in lockdown.

If you’re up for a bit of a historical excursion you can pop down to the castles in Warwick or Kenilworth. Looking for a running route? Newbold Comyn offers great green space to enjoy in the early morning.

It might not be for everyone but I am very glad to have a cinema nearby as I love using it as an escape occasionally in the evening. Then, speaking of escapes, there are escape rooms nearby too. Basically, you will never be short of options, even if that’s renting canoes or pedalos down in Jephson gardens which I have only just recently realised was a thing.

There’s a lot to do and I’m still hearing about new things all the time. So if you’re looking for somewhere to live after moving off campus or if you’ve already booked in some accommodation in Leamington for next year, be sure to look around and enjoy all that it offers!

(I’d also recommend cycling around the surrounding area as this is something I have only recently started doing but I have quickly realised how beautiful the scenery is just a few minutes beyond the town borders!)

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