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Life hacks for a Warwick student

Just a few tips for those living on and off campus… –

Make your lunch before hand- food on campus can be expensive and of course it’s nice to treat yourself, but if you bring lunch and food with you on campus just watch how much money you’ll save!

– Bring coffee with you, or even a flask- you can use boiling water to make yourself a coffee on campus. Or even save a few pennies when using your own flask at any of the cafes on campus, plus it helps the environment.

– Car vs. bus- I currently have a car and I drive to and from campus almost 7 days a week. Yes, it costs more to run and keep a car in comparison to catching the bus. However, the benefit of having a car is the ease of travelling and not having to wait around for buses. Biggest problem is parking! But if you apply for the Warwickshire car share scheme you get priority parking if you car share with your friends (it is bound to happen).

– Don’t forget the free shuttle bus, for freshers who need their ASOS packages or you missed the parcel from home, the free shuttle bus will take you to Westwood no need to treck.

– Career building- think about your future after university before it’s too late! Do you want to research further? Study abroad? Get an internship? A job? Whatever it is talk to the careers team. Majority of departments (I know classics has one) has a specific member of staff who will provide specific advice for students from a specific course. Book an appointment, those 10 minutes of your life can get the ball rolling.

– Prove you can use a computer- since we’ve grown up with technology using Microsoft seems like second nature. However, when applying for jobs it’s nice to have proof on your CV that you can in fact copy and paste a picture into Microsoft Word. At Warwick there is a Microsoft Office Specialist scheme where you get a certificate to prove you can use Mircosoft Office at a high level. I’m doing it now, and it’s another qualification to my name.

– Encore is endless, ebooks and Jstor are hidden gems take advantage of them because books in the library go very quickly.

– Be friends with ticket reps- whenever you want to go on a night out last minute having a number to quickly call to grovel for last minute tickets will probably be the key to a great night out! Be quicker next time though.

– Campus is bigger than the library- the library isn’t the only place to study on campus. We have university house, areas around accommodations for example the grid and the lakeside study rooms. Cafes, departmental study rooms, common rooms, even empty classrooms and seminar rooms. As students you can request to book rooms on campus, see which rooms are free and go and study in there! The campus is yours!

These are just some problems I’ve faced this week and my own solutions. Anything else or any questions feel free to ask!

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