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Life down under – part 2!

Bethany Goodman
Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

After a fairly relaxing Christmas break and a lot of hours worth of flights later, I have once again moved back into halls in Australia!I’ve been here for just over a month now and I couldn’t be more settled in; I can already tell this term is going to be an incredible one and I can’t wait to cherish my time here. But this is a post dedicated to module choices, mainly because I recently had to choose my modules to study here at Monash, but also my modules for final year back at Warwick. So for those of you struggling to know what path to take, hopefully this will help.

Do what you enjoy!

It may sound silly and obvious but this is such an important factor to consider when choosing your modules. There have been many times when I thought it would be a great idea to challenge myself by choosing modules that I thought would be new and difficult, and while this can be good to some extent it’s generally always better to choose ones that you really like the look of! Enjoying a module generally means you get better marks because you enjoy writing about it, whereas the extremely difficult modules can get tricky and sometimes you end up having a lot of bitter feelings towards them, so try and get the right balance!

Think about your future

As well as choosing enjoyable modules, it’s always worth thinking about modules that could be useful for a career you have in mind, or a grad job that focuses on a specific area. My degree generally focuses on cultural topics but I know that in the near future I want to work in the media or PR and so I took this into account when choosing my modules. I know that my grades for Monash don’t count towards my degree so I am using this as a chance to try out media modules in preparation for the future, to see what I like and don’t like! I’m also taking a PR module for my final year at Warwick to prepare me for any PR based grad jobs I want to apply for.

Don’t overwork yourself!

Some students go above and beyond to take far more modules than they’re meant to because they think it will look good on their transcript. While this can be a good way to challenge yourself during your final years of education, it’s always important to remember that your final year is going to be incredibly tricky anyway and sometimes it’s better not to pressure yourself even further. Be aware of how much work you want to be doing and dont underestimate the difficulty of final year!

I hope this helps anyone struggling with module choices, no matter what year you may be in!

Bethany Goodman
Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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