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Life Beyond Work at Uni

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Sometimes the workload at uni can be pretty full-on, so it’s really important to maintain a balance between work and activities. Uni presents so many opportunities to get involved in something completely new and meet lots of new people, so use the new year as an extra reason to get stuck in!


Many students get involved in sports clubs, and at Warwick there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re an Olympic hopeful or total beginner, it’s a great idea to join a sports club to meet new people and keep fit. If you’re really keen, you can join the university-level teams, and train and compete to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for a bit less of a commitment, there are lots of clubs that allow you to turn up and play in a more relaxed environment. Some societies run their own sports teams, which is another easy way to get involved. 


Societies are another great route to make new friends with similar interests. There is a society for every course, and lots of other hobbies, like: arts and crafts, gaming, drama, volunteering, and so on. Societies offer many social activities and excursions, enabling you to meet similar people from all year groups. There is rarely any commitment in just joining a society, so there’s really nothing to lose by giving something a go!


It can be easy to get comfortable in ‘the Warwick bubble’ – especially when it feels like everything you need is on campus! But your time at uni gives you the chance to live somewhere new, so it’s always worth making time to explore the local area. A great perk of being at Warwick is that there is so much nearby to do; we’re in Coventry, just a bus ride away from Leamington, close to Warwick, and near to Birmingham. If you’re in need of a study break, take the time to explore these new places and see what they have to offer.


As we get back into the swing of things in the new year, make the effort to maintain a work-life balance by trying something new! There is plenty to do on and off campus, so why not throw yourself into what  uni has to offer?

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