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Life as a Fresher

Term 1

I’m all honestly, freshers fortnight was a bit of a blur. Not at all because of alcohol, but because so much information was dumped upon me. I met so many people that I’ve had no contact with since that first week, and received so many flyers and went to taster session from a variety of societies and clubs. It was all a bit much so don’t worry if your brain gets a bit frazzled! I didn’t click instantly with my flat so I really struggled to fit in at first. Solution: join societies or clubs! Best decision I made at Warwick (see my previous post on joining societies).

Luckily the Liberal Arts department understood that freshers could get overwhelmed by the adjustment to independent living so out first form of assessment was not due until the very end of term. This meant we were eased in gently and never felt panicked about too much work.

Term 2

This term I started to gain more fiends and become closer with them. This was largely due to me attending more society and club socials. We had another dance show and three competitions so there were a lot of opportunities to bond with more people. I really started to enjoy uni at this point because of the increased amount of time I was spending around other people.

Parts of term 2 got very intense work-wise. At the beginning and end of term I had loads of deadlines all at once which not pleasant in the slightest. At the beginning of term, the assessments were all written essays; this was time consuming and becametedious, however the assessments at the end included making a film and doing a group presentation. This provided a very welcome break from essays and it was nice to do group work as it felt less lonely and gave us us a chance to bond more.

Term 3

Exam season. Don’t panic or over-work. There’s no point (see my previous post on term 3). When exams were over, I basically spent all my days and nights with people which was really enjoyable. However, it is also very important to surround yourself with people you like both before and during exam season, as the company of others really can do wonders for your mental health at such a stressful time.

I’d received all my marks by the end of term and I found out that I’d averaged 69%. This was better than expected and on the borderline of a 1st! Needless to say I was chuffed. Now I’m actually not looking forward to the summer holidays as it means endless weeks of working to earn money *sigh*. I’m really gonna miss seeing everyone and having the freedom to do what I want when I want.

When I first started uni I didn’t understand why everyone said it was the best thing that ever happened to them. Now I do, and I’ll probably spend most of my summer looking back on my first year of uni with very fond memories. <3

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