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Life and the ‘mature student’.

This must be common amongst mature students but I find that creating the work/life balance is a challenge sometimes. Being involved in the running of an allotment association, the local W.I. group and serving as a school governor can mean that at times life is hectic. Add into the mix the roles of wife, mother and grandmother, well one doesn’t want to be bored!!

Last weeek was filled with extra curricular meetings and trying to keep out of the way as my husband fitted wardrobes in our bedroom, his first attempt. These are looking good now and most of the blood has been wiped away. The week also challenged me as I was asked to present aspects of my research project regarding foodbanks to a group of Access to Access students. The aim was to increase their knowledge and understanding of the work foodbanks do and also inspire them to raise funds and awareness in the college they attend. According to the feedback sheets the objectives were achieved, they were very polite and although nerve racking it was an enjoyable 90 minutes.

Hopefully this week will be calmer, that said we have the author, Rosie Goodwin, coming to the WI to give a talk this evening. These sesssions are invariably interesting and this one will be well attended as several of the women are avid readers of Rosie’s work. For myself I will probably be slightly sidetracked as thoughts of essays to be written will be trundling through my mind along with pondering on potential feedback of work submitted. Part of me wants the waiting to be over, though until it arrives there is still hope. Off now to find some information on our visiting author, as it is my job to introduce her!

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