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Life after my degree

I’ve just finished my third and final year exams. Now it’s time for my dissertation, 10,000 words all about Cholera in Haiti. But, while I was home for the weekend I received a card from Grant Thornton welcoming me onto the team. I thought that now my exams are over and I have a little break, it is the perfect time to update everyone on my plans for after university.

I’m not fully giving up on my university lifestyle just yet, just baby steps to adulthood. I’m still living in Leamington Spa with some friends who are in their third/fourth years which I’m hoping will keep me working towards my exams that I’ve still got. Living with friends has made it much cheaper and means I’ll always have someone there if stressed and need to vent. My job isn’t in Leamington though, it’s in Birmingham. I chose to apply to mostly Birmingham and Leeds based jobs as they’re the kind of cities I like. They’re still fast paced but not as extreme as London (I always feel like I’m running there!). For both places, there are towns on the outskirts that suit my style of living.

So, why do I still have exams? Well, my job is in transaction advisory services. I know this sounds like a posh way of saying sales assistant and I suppose in a way it is. But, not quite in the sense that you know it. Instead, when companies merge, I will be part of the team auditing the books and checking the valuation. It’s a form of chartered accountancy which means I’ve signed myself up for the three more years of exams. They are slightly different, I only need 50% to pass and Grant Thornton are funding anything required for my studies.

So, why accountancy? Well, both my parents are public accountants so, I have a little insight into the world of accountancy. I’ve helped to check numbers occasionally and I know my way pretty well around a spreadsheet. I’ve always been competent with numbers and I think of transaction advisory services as gossip for businesses. Although, I can’t really talk about the ins and outs of my jobs due to insider trading. 

But, even some people don’t know what they want to do by the end of their degree and you really don’t need to go into your ‘field’. I study biomedical science and I’m becoming an accountant. As exciting as my new job is I do still have 10,000 words left of my degree. Onto my dissertation and graduation dress shopping.


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