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Life after exams!

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A slightly late post but definitely a much needed update on the fun I had after exams were finally over!

The first week or so my life consisted mainly of sorting my room (and life) out after the chaos of revision taking over! I tidied my room, did a nice food shop and finally got rid of my revision notes which were covering my walls. It’s always the best feeling when you finally get rid of any reminders of exams and focus on treating yourself and having fun. Sadly my friends still had some exams to finish off so I spent most of my time looking after them, taking them chocolate treats to keep up morale, and wasting my days away in the gym!

FInally the day came when all my friends were free and we had so much planned! We saw Khalid in concert to celebrate the end of exams, eating some good food and drinking far too many cocktails too. We let loose on a few nights out and had lazy days watching films and ordering takeout – living the dream! We also spent some days in the city, exploring the endless streets of cafes and lazing around on the beach in the gorgeous 30 degree weather. All in all, not a bad life.

However, all of this was somewhat overshadowed by the fact that I was leaving a week or so later. I knew I’d miss my friends so much and tried to spend as much time as I could with them on nights out or even just watching films during the day. Most of the people were spending Christmas in Australia because their families were coming to join them, or they were going travelling in the sun. My family, however, weren’t able to join me for the Christmas period and so I made the decision to join them back at home!

I spent days sorting out all my clothes and vacuum packing them into my ginormous suitcase (it was bigger than me – proven when I decided to test it out and zip myself inside!). Finally the day came for me to leave but I definitely left on a high. We managed to get some disount tickets to see Drake on his world tour and despite my extremely early wake up the next day I decided to bite the bullet and go and have an amazing night. And how amazing it was! Leaving the best concert I’d ever been to and making my way home past the Melbourne city skyline all lit up was the absolute best way to leave my favourite city in the world.

So the first half of my year abroad has sadly come to an end far too quickly but I’m glad to be going home and spending my favourite time of the year with the people I love the most. But definitely think about this decision if you decide to take a year abroad. While I was desperate to spend time with my family, I also would have loved to have travelled for the entire summer and truly see the country in its summertime beauty. Either way, you’re going to have made a great decision!

I hope everyone’s week 9 is going well, not long till Christmas!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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