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Liberal Arts at Warwick

‘What is Liberal Arts?’

A question that I have been asked countless times and have still not perfected the answer to. (FYI it does not involve drawing or dancing on stage as many people have assumed). To sound impressive I usually just say ‘a bit of everything’, but really there’s a lot more depth to it than that. This post is aimed mostly at prospective students who have received offers for Warwick’s Liberal Arts degree, but also for those who are simply interested in the course and want to find out more about it.

Our course is based around problems. We locate them, analyse them and if possible, find solutions to them. We are encouraged to think critically on a range of topics such as art, revolution, science, the media, and quantitative and qualitative research methods; you’ll have no doubt seen and/or heard the term ‘transdisciplinary’ used often to describe the degree. Assessments are varied in nature and they, along with the seminars, test written and oral communication.

What set Warwick apart from me was the immense enthusiasm of the course director and lecturers at the open day. I strongly recommend going to offer holder days too, in order to gain a fuller picture of both the course and the university. Another perk of Warwick is the high ratio of Liberal Arts core modules to our free module options; this makes you feel like you belong to a department rather than being scattered around many, as seems the case at many other universities offering the degree.

Another question I get asked a lot is ‘what job does this lead to? Are you worried that it may be considered too broad?’. The honest is no. The Liberal Arts degree equips you with skills that make you adaptable and appropriate for many professions. If you’re worried that the degree is not widely known about, I urge you to cast these reservations aside; it did not influence my decision in the slightest and I guarantee that by the time you graduate, far less people will need you to clarify what the course entails.

Look out for future posts on my own personal experience of Liberal Arts and more advice for prospective students. If anybody has ANY queries at all regarding the course, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me!

  • Yashita

    hey there! I am keen on doin this course, can you acquaint me with the subjects you chose?


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