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Liberal Arts Assessments

Being a transdisciplinary degree, the study of Liberal Arts requires a variety of assessment methods. In our last week of term two, unfortunate deadline timing meant that three assignments were due in the space of two days. I initially thought this would be an utterly nightmarish situation and that I wouldn’t sleep for about three days leading up to the deadline days. However, miraculously I was fine due to a combination of factors:

Only one of out the three assignments was an essay. The others comprised of a 15-minute group presentation, and 30-minute film. The essay was fairly straightforward; it was research ethics question of your choice and I chose to focus on privacy and social media. It was actually one of the quickest and most interesting essays I’d written.

The film initially seemed the most daunting out of the three: we had to write, direct and produce a film/documentary about a topic that was relevant to Science, Society, and the Media. Our group of four chose Climate Change, but how could we make it last 30 minutes!? Quite easily as it turns out: we set aside two whole days to film and edit it, and in the end we had to cut a lot of stuff out! I was fortunate to have an experienced filmmaker in my group, so in the end this assignment actually ran quite smoothly and was, dare I say, fun.

The group presentation consisted of critical analysis of a set of images of your choice. As a group of four, we met about four times to plan, write, and rehearse it. As an ex-drama student, I had no problem with speaking and presenting our research to the rest of our seminar group.

Without a doubt, the variety of assessments somehow made the workload seem less daunting and much more manageable. In addition, time management was key. I started work on these assignments 2-3 weeks before they were due (we’d planned for the film since the beginning of term!), meaning that miraculously for once, I wasn’t having a last-minute panic the night before the deadline. In between working for these, I was extremely busy with rehearsing for several university dance competitions with both CMD and Warwick Tap, so organisation was highly important. Let’s hope my good time management continues, and that I don’t end up having to write any 3am essays!

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