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Letting Go

I am well aware that as I write this post the temperature is steadily climbing to 30-something degrees celsius – and yes, I am still in the Midlands, in the usually temperate climes of the UK : D

But, what comes next after Summer is Autumn, when temperatures start to cool and the nights become longer. So, enjoy this uncomfortable humidity and stickyness, as it won’t last forever and soon you’ll be moaning how you can’t feel your fingers or the end of your nose : )

So, this is the time to learn to let go…of certainty, of unrealistic expectations, of everything that no longer serves us and has been holding us back from becoming our most awesome, authentic selves. It involves an element of trust that everything is going to be OK, as we say goodbye to Summer. Although we work in linear time, life is cyclical. As the day follows night and the seasons return, know that everything is unfolding as it should.

It is time to stop looking at the past through rose coloured spectacles, or worrying about the future, because not even the ‘experts‘ know how it will unfold. But rather we could practise being here now, in present moment awareness and enjoy every step of our journey, while being mindful of our emotions, as they are a vibrational GPS system that tell us whether we are on our path or someone elses.

If you are about to start university next month “good luck”, but more importantly remember to work smart, have fun and embrace the myriad experiences as you learn and grow from all your adventures.

What steps could you take each day to make your time at university the most amazing experience ever (so far)?

It is also time for me to bid farewell, as I too must let go of writing this blog to start new adventures in coaching and positive psychology. Although I will continue blogging on positive psychology and coaching at https://alunarchick.wordpress.com/ It has been a blessing and an honour to share my stories and I hope my ramblings have resonated somehow with someone somewhere! : )

Remember the real secret to a fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight ~ Leigh Standley

Onwards and funwards (and remember the best is yet to come!)

Namaste and Bright Blessings xXx

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