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Let’s Talk Homesickness- How to overcome it!

Hi everybody!

Have you ever been to a place you’re supposed to love, but all you can think about is home?

Yes. I certainly felt homesick in my first year of University (and occasionally I still do). Today’s blog I am going to talk about how I overcame it.

How I overcame this:

  1. I got Skype: I called my parents and boyfriend almost every day in first year. Am I embarrassed- nope! I did what I needed to, to feel better. I didn’t feel as alone.
  2. I made my room ‘My Space’- I got a hot water bottle, I got myself a tray (so I could eat while I skyped!) and I made sure I had little bits of home dotted around. This is really important, having a space that you feel completely confortable in really helps.
  3. I made sure I saved the money to come home more. I used the train to get to and from home and University, any big occasion at home I went to. Feeling like your relationships with the people closest to you hasn’t changed is also important.
  4. I got myself some good friends- this takes time, but all you need is 10 seconds of courage. Sometimes people feel like a numpty walking up to people and introducing themselves. But be honest, whats the worse that’s going to happen? You’ll be labelled as ‘too nice’ or ‘overly friendly’. 10 seconds of courage. Once you have introduced yourself to people you will feel SO much better. Remember, in Fresher’s everyone is trying to make friends, so strike while the irons hot! I met my two bestest friends during Freshers- but I didn’t live with them.
  5. I sort of ‘forced’ myself into other social groups. I basically adopted my friends Flat, who were a little bit more like me. I then lived with some of them second year.
  6. I grew in self-confidence- I am a nice person. I am a good person. People do like me. I didn’t want the fact I felt home sick to make me feel like there was something wrong with me. I didn’t want to doubt myself.
  7. I spoke to people about it- don’t be ashamed to be honest. It’s how you feel. One of my friends offered to meet before every lecture and go to the gym together so I had someone to socialise with every day. People really do understand.

So just remember, if you feel like this- you’re not alone. Others most definitely feel the same. But never feel embarrassed to admit you’re not enjoying yourself 100% of the time. That’s normal. It’s overcoming it that will make you a stronger person.

I hope this is helpful, if you feel homesick please feel free to contact me, and if not remember to talk to people.


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