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Lets get revising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revision is rubbish, that is a universal truth; it’s really, really, really rubbish.

But the hardest part, like so many things, is getting started. Sitting down for the first time and thinking ‘Yep, today is the day. The next 3 hours of my life are going to be dedicated to raw, unadulterated organic chemistry’ and that is scary. It’s scary because you know it’s going to be rubbish (rubbish could well be seen as a filler for another stronger word, as you see fit) but, probably the more scary thing, is that when you open your books it is going to confirm how little you know. In the back of your mind it sits throughout terms 1 and 2, in those lectures where you stare glazed-eyed at your handout, thinking about dinner or Smack, the thought that nothing is going in. Buuuut you’ll deal with it in term 3, right? It will all fall together when exams come around and you ACTUALLY start working PROPERLY. Now it’s ok to chill out a bit because you have that lab report to do and that counts towards my degree so that’s more important and also you can’t NOT go out on a Friday night so by the time I’ve finished that pre-drinks will be staring and then… You get my drift!

This happens to everyone. And it’s TRUE, it probably will all fall into place. But in order for that to happen you have to let it start falling and that is what is hard. You have to start working, and acknowledging that you don’t know anything and that your degree is really really hard and oh god why didn’t I actually visit office hours before now!

But eventually it clicks, just like it did last year and the year before.

So to remind you of this here are a few tips to get your revision off the ground:

1. Make notes: Don’t start quizzing yourself before you have even read anything! Going through your lecture notes and writing out key points is an easy way to settle into the flow of revision. Don’t freak out over how much content there is, people have made it before now and so will you!

2. Set an end point: Keep up your spirits by giving yourself a definitive end point to the day. Tell yourself to get through 6 lectures worth of notes then try two questions, but if it gets to 9pm then just stop and watch Netflix because there’s no way your brain will work after that.

3. Reward yourself <3: You’re doing great and you need to remind yourself because this stuff is hard! Done two hours of work/ written up 3 lectures of notes? Go for a walk, watch Friends for a bit (or if you’re me, Pointless…)- it will make it easier!.

4. Stay zen: It can be very easy to demoralise yourself and think that everyone else knows it and you’re really behind and that you’re going to fail, and this can be a motivation for some people, but for others it makes you want to curl up into a ball in your bed and drift away from your issues. Take a deep breath, message your coursemate about how hard it is, have a bit of a mope together, then get back to it. The only way to really stop you thinking that you don’t know enough is by learning more stuff.

There are going to be SO many revision/exam tips blog posts coming your way soon, so I am going to try and minimise how much I talk about exams; don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. But I hope this has been a little bit of a help to get started!

Good luck, and stay healthy and happy this revision period!

Love Fi xx

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