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Let it snow!

I’m still here, I have not left for the holidays! I have a deadline on the 15th December for my dissertation. To be honest, I’ve been focused on my other modules for the past 4 weeks that having the whole week to focus on my dissertation will be quite refreshing. My dissertation compares the role of the cosmos in the Iliad and the Bhagavad Gita, this is something very personal to me and I am so excited to start writing but also nervous because I have never studied about ancient India before. But I need to have confidence in my own abilities and focus on making this dissertation chapter the best it can be because this is the only time my tutors will be able to look at my work.

Campus is very quiet, even more quiet because of the snow! You know you have reached adulthood when you don’t make a snow man! I rather sit in my warm clothes and watch some christmas films than freeze! Nonetheless, it has been so nice just to walk into the library and work away without stressing about running for a seat or battling for a camputer space. I feel like I can take my time. Since, I have no lectures the day is free and I can work to my own timetable, instead of being interrupted once I am in the zone. I am more productive that way because I dedicate 2 hours per article so I can work through about 4/5 per day before my brain starts to melt.

I am so excited to go back home for christmas! I have missed my mum’s cooking the most! This week has been very quiet but it’s nice just to relax after such a hectic term as well as get ready for the next term because it’s going to be very intense. I want ot ensure I have done as much work as possible so I can have a smooth running term. I am motivated to do it, just need to get my head down and work through it all. But how do you stay focused during the magic of christmas? Best thing to to is to have a timetable/plan. Tell your family and friends about your to do list for the day so they can also encourage you to ensure that you have met your targets. I’m posting my to do list on my family fridge everyday so my mum can ask if I have read that specifc chapter for if I have started on my essay. You need your circles to be on board with you so they respect that you are under alot of pressure.

enjoy your holidays, stay focused, I don’t want you coming back with piles and piles of work.

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