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Lessons Learned and A New Start to the Academic Year

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As I am currently relishing the convenience of being back home and not having to worry about all the responsibilities of independent living back in the UK, there are multiple things which I am looking forward to once school commences in October. I still can’t believe last academic year and my time as a fresher has flown by this quickly and I am already embarking on my journey as a second year uni student with even more exciting experiences to come. There are some important things I have definitely been able extract from my experiences of last year and some valuable lessons learned which I will make sure to keep in mind for the year ahead.

I am extremely thankful that first year acted as a buffer for a lifestyle and schedule adjustment, where lecturers assured us that as long as we performed satisfactory throughout each term and did not fail our final exams we would be in the safe zone to continue progressing into second year. Despite this assurance it has always been a trait of mine, in which I refused to settle for second best. During my time in secondary school I always aimed for the top scores and would feel a bit disheartened if I received a mark lower than expected, I guess this mentality propelled me to where I am now and the fact that I am studying at a highly ranked university, so no complaints here. However, I am very grateful that there was this sense of academic leniency because if the marks held significant value towards the end of the degree- let’s just say I would have definitely been more stressed out during exam period than I originally was.

Regarding my personal goals for next year; now that I am more aware and used to the curriculum, assignments and mark scheme expectations, I feel that I will be able to really give my all into my academics and perform well for exams next year. As living off campus will be a new experience and a change of scene all in itself, this is another exciting aspect I am anticipating in the long run. I have learned that time management is very important especially since you are mostly reliant on yourself. Whether it be keeping track of assignment due dates, getting to lectures on time, attending society events and activities, doing laundry and other basic self needs, everything needs to be attended to in a structured and coordinated manner to make the schedule is as productive as possible. This is something I was very poor at prior to coming to university but after three whole terms worth of getting used to a daily routine, I pretty much have a good estimate of everything that needs to be attended to.

For next year I will be focusing on consolidating a more efficient schedule and put in more effort towards extra module readings, especially since there will be more modules during second year. I will also be more heavily involved as an executive member of multiple societies, hence I will really need to be more organised and efficient with my time management to make sure I can stay on top of everything that I will be balancing. Though this change of pace may start of as a challenge I am very excited to see what this upcoming year has in store for me!

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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