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Lessons I’ve Learnt from the Parisians

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  • Romanticise your Life

I think what makes Paris so beautiful is the fact that everyone in Paris, especially the Parisians, share this opinion.

Like with every big city, there is another side to Paris. However, whether people have lived here for all their lives or a matter of months, everyone seems to celebrate, enjoy and indulge in the beautiful architecture, the artisan bakeries and everything in between.

It’s no coincidence that the word “flaneur” has been adopted into the English language, from the French word “flâner” which loosely translates as “to stroll”, but really means so much more!

  • Get Outside

In Paris, it’s common to only have 10m – 20m to your name. And, as nice as it would be, unfortunately we don’t all have terraces with views of the Eiffel Tower.

By consequent, with the slightest spell of sun, the banks of the Seine, the gardens and everywhere in between become full of people of all-ages enjoying the green spaces the city has to offer.

  • Don’t be rushed by others

I had grown somewhat accustomed to message replies taking anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 hours, but rarely more. The Parisians, however, live by their own times.

Replies to texts can be expected within 1-2 working days and to emails… 3-5 if you’re lucky.

Taking away immediate gratification and answers can be frustrating, but it has taught me to slow down and let go of the things that are out of my control; to prepare for different possibilities and not to mind which one happens to be the eventual outcome.

Not to mention it also means replies aren’t expected so quickly, so you can get away with hours without your phone, without the fear of missing out or indeed being missed!

  • Make an Effort

I think this is the only city in the world, where I would look out of place wearing joggers to Lidl!

Somehow, Parisians always look effortlessly put together and something about following suite, makes each day feel that much more important!

Making an effort doesn’t mean spending hours on hair and make-up – it’s as simple as swapping out joggers for jeans and brushing your hair but makes all the difference.

  • Put in the hours

I think we may have an overinflated view of British education. Whilst Warwick carries a world-class name, it did surprise me to find out that the vast majority of degrees courses in Paris consist of about 20 contact hours per week – often double that of their British counterparts.

Whilst Parisians make sure they do find time to enjoy life, the students here also do work very, very hard – don’t underestimate your international competition.

  • Second Hand is In

Parisians are known for having a classic and timeless style and here fast fashion is out and sustainability is in. Unlike the stigma around second-hand in the UK, here heading to the “fripperies” (second-hand shops) is a common pass-time.

The fripperies here range in price and whilst you can get your bargains, there are also many quite upmarket options if you’re looking for a good pair of Levi’s, an already-loved Burberry trench coat or indeed just fancy a browse!

  • You Don’t have to Post About it

In Paris, picnics at the Louvre and aperitifs by the Seine really do just happen. They’re not Instagram-moments, they’re just moments.

Parisians know how to live in the moment, and they seem to do everything for themselves rather than the approval of Facebook-friends and Instagram followers.

  • Life is made to be Enjoyed

Parisians seem to make the most of what their city has to offer.

Whether it’s grabbing a coffee from a bakery, a macaron from Pierre Hermé or getting produce fresh from the market, the good things in life aren’t saved for a pre-planned time or date, they are part of daily Parisian life. Whether to be enjoyed with friends or very often just alone.

It may sound indulgent, but I’ve noticed where my friends back home may spend money on alcohol or Boohoo orders, my friends here spend their money on higher quality, smaller but more frequent pleasures.

Moving to Paris has opened my eyes to a different way of living and feels a whole world of its own, even though it is just across the channel! I hope some of these Parisian lessons have reminded you that there’s never only one right approach and that you’ll experiment with implementing some of them into your own lives too!

IndonesiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Laeticia Junanto | Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe Contact Laeticia

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