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Leisure reading at university

Before university, I was a really avid reader averaging at least 30 to 40 books a year. However, by the end of first year I had only read about 5. Although the nature of my philosophy degree guarantees that I’m always reading, skimming through John Locke’s an essay of human understanding isn’t quite the same as settling down with my favourite Chimamanda novel. Despite the fact that many university students point to a lack of free time as the reason for being unable to engage in hobbies as much as they’d like, I think there’s another factor at hand when it comes to reading. Since reading, depending on the material being read, can be an intellectually demanding hobby in itself, the “brain burnout” from university’s intellectual demands make it extra difficult. After reading 31 pages for a seminar, the least appealing thing is yet another book to read. This is probably why it’s easier to binge watch a Netflix show than actually finish a book during term time. I found that a good way for me to enjoy reading even after all my academic reading is to go for ‘light’ enjoyable reads. Inasmuch as I love that books are a great source of relevant information, I also appreciate reading as a means of relaxation and understand that sometimes a Sophie Kinsella rom-com book is what I need. 

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