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Lectures in person for the first time!

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One of the things I was expecting this term was to have lectures in person! I have seen many films or videos of people attending lectures, to these big conference rooms with all your peers of the degree. I was wondering how this will make me feel: if it is so magic? is this like the tv programs or films?

Maybe I am a dreamer or just idealise some moments, but it is not bad at all. It makes me be waiting for these perfect moments and I must admit that it is totally worth it!

So what did I feel in my first in-person lecture? My first in-person lecture was last Tuesday. It was a macroeconomics lecture in the theatre room of the Oculus. I arrived there about an hour earlier and I was watching the welcome meeting with my best friend until the time of the lecture came. We went to the room about 15 min before 2 pm and we noticed that some students had already arrived.

We sat near the stairs, a really strategic position if you are expecting to meet or say hi to some friends. It was great because I had the chance to meet friends I had not seen during all the Christmas break as I was back at home, an ocean away from the UK. The emotion was huge and I really enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. Also, I could have some brief conversations with some of my friends before the lecture started and everyone went to their sits!

The lecture started 5 minutes past 2 pm, as it is common and it ended 5 minutes before 3 pm. It was also live-streamed as not everyone has come to campus yet. I believe this is quite beneficial because it gives us many facilities and options if we are unable to go to the lecture, for example, if we get covid.

Another thing I enjoy is that at least for economics, the in-person lectures have not replaced the asynchronous material the professors uploaded every week. I prefer watching the recorded videos in advance as well as doing all pre-class content. I believe this new way of teaching allows us to study at our pace, in a way that is more beneficial for us! this live lecture is the opportunity to ask questions, solve more exercises or just do a quick revision of every topic.

It is true that I quite enjoy the asynchronous material but nothing could ever replace the face to face contact/communication. That is the reason I love going to university, because you learn from others, from your peers, professors. It is something that could never be missing in a university environment.

Probably, the only disadvantage I can think it is that we are kind of exposed to the virus! It is true that we all wear masks and we are encouraged to take a covid test before coming to classes; however, tests are never 100% accurate. However, in this world that has been hit, shocked by covid; we have learned to combat this pandemic and we just cannot go back!

Hope you enjoy all the in-person lectures and classes! Don’t miss them!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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