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Leaving a Legacy at Warwick

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

The thought that my Warwick Journey will be drawing to an end by the time July rolls in and I find myself standing on the piazza steps one last time decked in graduation robes is bittersweet. My experiences over the past three years of being here have brought a multitude of different memories, laughter, tears, friends, lessons and so many memorable encounters and experiences that I would not have been the same if I had not chosen to study here. 

I knew when I first stepped onto campus on the first day on university, I wanted to leave some sort of legacy. How I would go about achieving that was unknown to me but I just knew from the bottom of my heart that I wanted to be able to receive my diploma upon graduation day and not have any regrets or “what if’s?”. Looking at my journey up until the moment now that I am typing this, I do feel that  have more or less managed to achieve some sort of semblance of my own personal legacy goals. I did  my best to go out of my comfort zone while being here, meeting so many knew people and trying so many things from participating in different marketing campaigns for the university, performing with one of my society’s bands in the piazza during a food market day, the list can go on. I involved myself in sports and societies I had never tried before and as a result I made new friends and got to try things that I never would have considered doing before coming to uni. 

My advice to all you incoming students, prospective freshers or even current students at Warwick now who may be reading this. In any new landmark or chapter in your life that you embark on, make it a goal to leave a legacy. It doesn’t have to be public or superfluous, (you don’t have to be seen as the BNOC to leave a legacy), just have something you can look back on that you can be proud of which will give you the confidence to reflect on how you have grown as a person or impacted other’s lives in some way. Leadership is developed over time, and as you work your way to the top, every obstacle you surpass or every tumble which you stand back up from will be something you can always look back on and be proud to see how it has gotten you to where you are at the current moment. Make every word, action, interaction and experience you have meaningful and regret free. 

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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