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Law Ball 2020- Hollywood Dreams

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Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend Warwick Law Society Law Ball. It was amazing!

Going to a ball is something that you don’t do every day. I went to the ball with my friend Sunny (also my flatmate from last year) who does psychology went- you definitely do not need to do Law to attend. I knew I really wanted to experience attending a ball this year’s theme for Law Ball was Hollywood Dreams. The venue (Athena- Leicester) was decorated in this theme with the screens playing  Fred Astaire, a red carpet and the tables were decorated beautifully. When walking along the red carpet there were multiple opportunities for photos including a wall made of roses. It was beautiful! Upstairs we were welcomed by welcome drinks and walked into the land of lights as the windows were draped in fairy lights. Suddenly, the call to dinner was given and we were swept into the dining hall.

For starters, there was a quiche, followed by stuffed chicken and for dessert profiteroles. Although £50 may sound expensive you definitely got your money worth as each table (which were beautifully decorated) there were 2 bottles of white wine, 2 of red and 2 rose. The drinks at the venue were also cheap. During dinner, a Marilyn Munroe impressionist sang some classic hits adding to the theme of the ball. On the tables were small signs as each table had been given a name, I sat on the table labelled A Street Car Named Desire. On this sign, you could press a button where table service instantly appeared. It definitely made my y friend and I feel very fancy! Following dinner, there were speeches and the award ceremony the dancing began.

They played a variety of music and everyone had an amazing night. Alongside this, there was a popcorn and candyfloss machine plus a photo booth. These were special touches to the night. Overall I had an amazing time and would highly recommend you attend next year.

Thank you to all of the Law Ball team; you did a fabulous job. Thank you!




Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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