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Latin and Ballroom Nationals 2020 – PART 2

I’m in Blackpool at Warwick’s biggest Latin and Ballroom competition of the year, Nationals! To find out more about the ballroom side of the event and see some snazzy architecture, take a look at PART 1 of the post at

After some well deserved sandwiches for lunch, it’s time to watch the Offbeat entries. In Offbeat, each university choreographs a group dance in any style *other than Latin or Ballroom*. Here are some of my favourites…

*Warwick (of course!)*

Warwick did a brilliant contemporary-style dance based on the characters from Peter Pan.


UEA’s dance was named ‘Throwback to the 00s’, and brought back a good deal of nostalgia. The costumes took me back to my school days, and they really went for it with the ‘retro’ dance moves.


Leicester took a brave step on choreographing almost their entire dance to be performed sat down on chairs! In my opinion, they really pulled it off. They spent most of the track doing an intense and well-timed hand jive.


Who knows why Manchester had a shark costume handy, but it made their dance one of my favourites because I couldn’t stop laughing! I’m not sure how to describe it – just imagine a bunch of really good dancers and a dancing shark sharing a dance floor.

After Offbeat we moved onto Latin. My partner and I were happy with how well we performed, but unfortunately we didn’t make the second round. Our next dance will be later when we do the Team Match. The Novice category is ‘restricted dress’, which means you’re not supposed to wear the super sparkly beautiful dresses like you see on Strictly. *However*, in Team Match, everyone can wear what they like! Warwick has a collection of dresses the club owns that get handed it at each event, and we all have our favourites. The Inter, Advanced and Ex-Student categories all get to wear what they like throughout the competition, so I’ve taken some pictures so you can see how extreme the sparkle is!

We’ve still got about 6 hours of Nationals left (it ends at midnight!) so I’d better get some more snacks in to keep me going! Wish me luck, and be sure to check out the Latin and Ballroom stall when Sports Fair comes round again!

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