Latin and Ballroom Nationals 2020 – PART 1 – OurWarwick

Latin and Ballroom Nationals 2020 – PART 1

This blog post comes to you from the Winter Gardens in the heart of Blackpool. It’s the very same place where the Strictly Come Dancing final is filmed; but today it’s packed with students for the Inter Varsity Dance Association Nationals.


Warwick has brought 54 dancers this year, and they are smashing it! Sadly my partner and I didn’t get through to the second round of ballroom, so until Latin starts in the afternoon I’ve got time to show you around the competition! Here we have the beginners in the ‘Spanish Hall’, which is a crazy ballroom with Romeo and Juliet-style scenery all around the walls.

… and some more photos of the Spanish Hall, because there’s no real way to explain this room in words!

We have two beginner couples through to the fourth round of their waltz! Very exciting.


There’s a stall here called ‘Ballroom Bling’. The last competition Warwick was at was sponsored by them, and our Novices were the best there, so they’re gifting all us Warwick Novices with our own bling! Shiny shiny…

I got these snazzy blue clip-on earrings and a super sparkly blue hair flower.


Time for lunch, and then we’ll move on to Offbeat and Latin.


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