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Latest Food Trends

Social media has been one of the things keeping us all connected during lockdown. TikTok has seen its numbers flourish over the national lockdown, with people turning to this app to dance, sing and even post videos of the latest food trends. Here are just a few which you may have heard of and have been very popular recently.

  • Little Moons

With over 171 million uses with the hashtag #littlemoons, these Japanese mochi have taken the world by storm, constantly being sold out in supermarkets. At £4.50 a box, these mochi come in a variety of different flavours including passion fruit and mango as well as Himalayan salted caramel. Having tried one myself, I would definitely recommend it as a new and interesting flavour! It is unlike anything I have ever tasted before and if you are lucky enough to find a box, why not give them a try!

  • Quick Wrap

This trend is relatively straight forward and very handy for students! All you have to do is split a tortilla into quarters and place a filling in each quarter before folding it up and toasting it. Sounds simple and that’s because it is! It’s quick and also very delicious.

  • Mash Potato from Crisps

So this one is a little bit different… Perhaps this is one of those you should be aware of and only try if you are very curious! I would not suggest this as the best way to make mash potato but after a recent video that has been liked over 1.5 million times, many have taken to making their mash potato this way. Basically, you boil some crisps, mash them a bit, remove the excess water and then add whatever spices you would like. When you see the final result, it doesn’t exactly look very appetising. However, it is a trend nonetheless!

So, here are just a few trends floating around on social media at the moment. There are many, many more which I haven’t listed here, but are definitely worth a mention, such as the cream cheese and pepper trend (look it up if you are curious)!

Let me know of any other trends you know or even some you have tried in the comments below!

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