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Last week of the First Term and Christmas Things to do

So we’ve made it through the first term of this academic year! YaY! As a parent this is a busy time of year, not only is there assessments and maybe even exams for some to revise for, we have school plays, Christmas shopping, trips to visit Santa and all those other things the Christmas period brings with it.

This weekend we went and saw Dick Whittington at the Belgrade Theatre, Faith loved it, although she wasn’t keen ‘on the nasty lady’ her words not mine. Uni campus is feeling rather festive now, the Christmas trees are up, and there are lots of lovely festive drinks and food available. I think my favourite has to be the mint hot chocolate which comes with a mini candy cane.

Last year I worked all through the Christmas break, which I realised afterwards was really not a good thing to do. I’m making sure that this year I take some time off from studying to rest, relax, recharge and enjoy the festive period. We’ve not made any plans to go anywhere this year, so hopefully this will help me to rest.

Have you ever been to the Birmingham Christmas Market? If you haven’t I would suggest going and spending some time there. I love it, lots of food and drink to buy, and there is also an ice skating rink. We’re going this year with one of Faith’s friends from preschool and his parents. There are plenty of places to take little ones around this time. Last year we went to Belbicks Garden Centre, and had afternoon tea with Father Christmas, this year we are going to Hatton Country World, where the shepherds walk round with the lambs in their arms. Fargo Village, in Coventry is also a great place to visit if you’re looking for some unique Christmas presents, they have late night opening on a Friday, and there is always warm winter drinks and the brewery there for you to try.

Whatever you are doing over the Christmas break, whether you are staying at home or going away to celebrate, enjoy, have a great time, put the books away for at least a couple of weeks. Take that well earned break and you’ll be able to come back to studying feeling refreshed and ready to go for the next term.

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