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Last week of term

So this week was the last week of term 3 and officially the final week for all first year students. For what I’ve seen there has been a lot of celebrations especially for 3rd years who are graduating this year! Unforrtunately I wasn’t able to stay at university for the remaining weeks of term because I had to go home and work but what is great about Warwick is depsite finished exams you are allowed to carry on living on campus right up until 2nd July.

Results for exams have started pouring in for everyone I am so happy to say that I have passed my first year Sociology degree however I have not yet received my full result, so far I have received my results for 3 modules getting a consistent 2:1 for each which I am absolutely over the moon with. The list of students who passed first year was posted in the social sciences common room however don’t worry you have the option to not have your result shown if you don’t want others to see it. Specific module results are being posted on Evision so I am anxiously waiting for the rest.This first year is considered one of the most difficult years perhaps not in terms of work load but the change from home to university, living independently and adjusting to university life can prove quite challenging for many students. It goes without saying that everybody can have difficulties at university, it took me a long while to really settle at Warwick but it can honestly say that I wanted to stay at university once exams had finished and was very sad to leave! It has been a rollarcoaster but I’ve loved the whole experience.

I went back to university overnight this week to finalise some things and one of my flat mates said to me that he feels like a different person from the guy he was at the start of university and I completely agree with him! University has opened me up to so many new experiences, I’ve enjoyed things I thought I never would and accomplished things I thought I never could! It is a life changing path I am currently on and I am so eager to get back for second year where I will be living in Leamington Spa!

I will keep you all posted about my results and my plans this summer but if there are any questions please feel free to email me:

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