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Last blog: Year abroad, my summer, arriving at Warwick

Sophie Schremser
Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

This will officially be my last blog. Thank you for everyone who followed me on this journey !

I am so happy to tell you that I will be going on a year abroad next year.

I chose to take a year abroad as I believed it to be a one in a lifetime opportunity. For me, it is the chance to discover, learn, and mature. I chose to use the year abroad to gather work experience, as while the University of Warwick has some great partner universities, I simply wanted to improve my CV with experience. The first half of the year, I secured a placement in the states, from September to December. For the second half of the year, I am at the moment in the application process for an internship in the Hong Kong, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Nonetheless, if that does not work out, I will definitely try to find an internship in Asia either way. I am extremely excited about next year because this is a chance to discover and live in a new, different country, with no long term commitment! The way I see it, I will never have this opportunity again. I can go to somewhere so different like Asia, and if I love it, that is great, and if I don’t, I will only be there for a few months, and it will stay an incredible adventure!

However, before that I still have a whole summer to enjoy as well! As I will be working the whole year next year, I have decided against working during the summer. Instead, I will be spending as much time as possible with my family and friends as it will be more difficult to see them as regularly while I am abroad. I will be going to our vacation house, invite some friends, and even go sailing! I definitely feel like we all deserve to relax and enjoy ourselves after stressful term 3.

For anyone starting Warwick at the end of summer, do not stress. I guarantee you will have an incredible time. What I would suggest is that you take the summer to read student blogs, to see what you’re in for! That might give you an idea of the University of Warwick student lifestyle. Of course, feel free to contact me with any specific questions!

You will also have to register for your course online! Although it takes sometime and you must fill out all the information patiently, to make sure not to make any mistakes, it is so so exciting! Little tip: if you’re not very photogenic like me, take some pictures in advance and have one that you like ready. This is to avoid the stress, and hurry! It will be the picture on your student ID so do make sure your do not regret it every time you see it!

For those hesitating to participate in the international week, I can only recommend it. Honestly, it is where I met all my closest friends. It is a great way to get to know the campus, with lots of different and fun activities where you also constantly meet new people. In addition to its practicality, it is also like an extra freshers week as you can go out and get drinks with all the new people you met every day, without the stress of class! I have great memories from my international week, and I will cherish them forever!

All in all, try to not to stress too much, the university really does whatever they can to make the transition and arrival at university the easiest possible for you. You will make great memories and even greater friends and honestly, I am jealous that you get to have that as I wish I could relive it !

I wish you all the best!

Sophie Schremser
Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

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