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Key lessons I’ve learnt so far

Univeristy is meant to be the best years of your life. I think that you can only say that once you look back on what you have achieved and how you succeeded through challenges.

Second year has taught me that I really do love my subject and that I love being an academic. Although, I feel the pressure of essays and seminar readings etc. I’m enjoying my degree so much I’m still smiling as I walk into lectures! You chose your subject for a reason, you have a passion, remember that passion and maintain your drive.

Remove expectations. A key thing I have learnt is that I expect too much from everything. I’m expecting my home life to run smoothly, my work to be easy going, and just everything to have a balance and perfect. But that would only occur in an ideal world. It’s good to have a reality check and a reminder that in orde for things to run smoothly we need to work hard to focus on the important things and not become so caught up on other things that do not matter. Whether that may be friendship disputes or academic struggles. Sometimes it’s important to focus on one thing and let the rest of the world continue without you. Just let things flow and let go.

Remember that you can say no. Being a fresher I felt like I had the duty to take every single opportunity given to me. Being in second year it’s important to prioritise your studies and future development. Whether it’s going on a night out or even attending a society event, or even grabbing a coffee with a friend. Yes, it is important to have a break, but you can’t make time for everyone else while rejecting your personal goals.

Enjoy Halloween, and happy Diwali. 🙂

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