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Kenilworth Castle

A friend and I decided to head to Kenilworth castle yesterday. Kenilworth is a village between Leamington and campus. A few people do actually live there but it’s definitely not a “student area.” During term time when you’ve got lectures and assignments to do over the weekend it starts to feel as if you’re stuck between Leamington and campus. However within short travelling distances is a wide variety of things to do. Warwick is just a short bus/train journey away. Birmingham is 20 minutes on the train and great for shopping with the bullring! And of course Coventry isn’t far.

I was drawn to visit because it was the home of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. If you don’t know the history of his relationship with Elizabeth I it’s worth looking up before you visit!

So Kenilworth castle is about a 10 minute drive from Leamington. It’s been very well renovated and there’s metal stairwells built inside all of the castle’s towers. So you get some great views of where the old lake used to be and the rest of the castle. There’s a lot of old hiding places to explore and it was one of the better heritage sites that I’ve visited.

I had a fantastic day (despite falling down some stairs) and finished it off with a couple of cocktails in a lovely bar in Leamington.





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