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Keeping Healthy at Uni

While I sit inside, binge watching Netflix, consuming yet another Easter egg, I’m really looking forward to returning to Warwick and the routine that will hopefully bring my health and fitness back up to speed. Despite the stereotypes of a lazy, alcoholic student eating countless takeaways, it isn’t difficult to stay fit at uni and here are just some ways you can improve yours.

Join a Sports Team

At Warwick, there are so many sports teams to fit almost any activity you enjoy. Whether hockey or rowing, ultimate Frisbee or archery, there really is something for everyone and these teams will bring you friends and fun as well as some much needed exercise.

Join the gym

If organised sport isn’t really your thing, so many students have membership to Warwick sports gym or swimming pool (sports teams often require you to have this membership anyway). Located on campus, it is so easy to use and get to; you could even join one of the gym classes available. If all else fails, running or cycling around campus is super easy and sometimes even a necessity to get to those 9ams, so you get exercise without even realising.


Being a campus uni, Warwick students tend to walk pretty much everywhere. Especially as a fresher living on site, coming from a village where you drive to get anywhere I found all the walking a bit of a shock at first, and I quickly realised which shoes I could wear and which I couldn’t. Walking becomes part of the daily lifestyle and before you know it, you’re doing a 40 minute trek to and from Cannon Park without batting an eyelid.

Eating well

As all accommodation in Warwick is self-catered, you soon come to terms with having to buy and cook all your food. Pasta and rice become staple foods in a student’s diet, but try to cook some new nutritious meals, rather than popping more chicken nuggets and chips in the oven. As a massive sweet-tooth I do struggle to resist buying puddings or snacks, but most of the time I find I don’t need them, so try not to buy food you don’t actually need. Do remember to treat yourself with some chocolate or a bought meal occasionally!


Ah, what a killer. People often forget just how calorific alcohol is and often the super healthy people you know or see on Instagram hardly drink. Try to limit how many times you go out a week, or even if you go out lots, don’t go too hard every time. There’s a reason you feel awful after a big night.


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to drink more water, and I’ve managed to have 1.5-2 litres of water almost every day (1.8l daily is recommended). Water is one of the easiest ways to become healthier but is often overlooked. Hungover? Drink water. Tired? Drink water. Thirsty? Drink water. It really does work wonders.


Another one that is often overlooked, especially by students (I’m definitely guilty of this too). Getting a good amount of sleep and establishing some sort of sleeping pattern is so important not only for your body but your brain as well. While a night on the town or your fifth Netflix episode in a row may be tempting, consider whether your body can cope with another four hour night. Another useful tip: Nap, nap, nap!

These are just some of my little tips to help stay healthy at uni. Some of them are so easy to change or improve and keeping healthy is really important to stay on top of your uni work too. But remember, love yourself and binging on chocolate is okay from time to time.

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