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Keeping Fit?

Meredith Whiting
Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

January has been and gone, quite slowly in some cases, and so have resolutions. Whether you’ve managed to keep them or break them, one of the most common ones is certainly to "get more fit". By going to the gym, or eating healthily, there are options for those that aim to do this – but they certainly aren’t the only ways!

With the aim for Warwick to have the most active campus by 2020 with their new sports centre build, there are so many new opportunities than just the standard gym membership this year (which, coincidentally, is now available at a cheaper price for the remainder of the academic year!)

Claycroft Activity Zone

Located on Claycroft fields, this outdoor activity zone is free to use. Including a basketball hoop, mini trampolines, gym equipment, swings, and a yoga area, it’s great either to go for a full set like in the gym or even for a little bit of fun. Having used it during a lunch break during quidditch training, it provided a lot of amusement while still helping us feel like we were exercising! Not only that, but it really helps boost your mood too (as does most exercise) by providing some great opportunities to figure out new ways of using the equipment.

Running groups

Another great way of staying outdoors and exercising is joining one of the running groups. With a timetable on the Warwick Sport page, the groups follow a variety of routes around campus and cater for a lot of different abilities. Whether you’re looking for a walk, jog, or run – there’s something for you! ParkRuns have become more popular too – with 5ks taking place in both Leamington and Coventry weekly it’s a good chance to go and time your runs alongside a group of great people, and track your progress! If teamed with Couch25K it can create a great build up and sense of achievement.

Rock Up and Play

Some sports are free (for Warwick sport members and first years, if I recall) to attend a session a week. Last term I attended a basketball session with a friend (as a complete beginner) – with no pressure to feel like I had to be any good, it was nice to be able to try new sports and find something new to play. Racket sports such as badminton have been great to try too as I hadn’t played much before this summer. Rock up and play is an opportunity to dip your toes into the water of sports across uni without commitment issues or worry of not being great right away, and giving different ways to feel more fit when the typical ways have become boring.

Other Activities

A UV roller disco, bubble football, bauble challenge, zombie run… all other fun sport activities that have been run by Warwick Sport! They provide a unique way of taking part and can create fantastic memories for those you go with, including coursemates, flatmates, or society friends.

Taking part in sport and activity across campus can’t be easier than here at Warwick. From dance classes with Warwick Enable, to the free use of some of the sports facilities (including netball courts), there’s something here for everyone to take part in more activity around campus. With aims to improve physical and mental fitness this year, it’s certainly something I’ll be doing – will you?

Meredith Whiting
Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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