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Keeping fit in term-time

I have been pondering over a potential topic for my opening post for a while, hence why it has come so late. Eagerly anticipated, I know, I make my student blogging debut with some of my top tips on keeping fit during term time! Yay! Exercise! Everyone’s favourite! Before uni, the word would fill my heart with dread. I was not a favourite in P.E. lessons, never making a team or doing any extra-curricular sport for the entirety of my school career, and the whole ‘be great or don’t bother’ attitude didn’t motivate me to try harder like I presume is the desired effect, but gave me an intrinsic hatred of sport and meant I had almost completely given up with it by the time I walked into Rootes.

However at uni, it is a different story! I had heard from others about how important it is to get involved in sport, the camaraderie gained from going through training, matches and the socials (including those infamous initiations), and they really are true! As previously highlighted, I am no Olympian, but that is not part of the criteria. All you have to have is a bit of interest and motivation (and guts!) to turn up, and you would be surprised about how little other people mind about your lack of experience. Prefer to exercise on your own? Not an issue, there’s options for that too, and I have included a list of tips below of how to keep fit on campus and make the most of Uni sport!

– Get yourself a Warwick Sport membership!: Yes it is a lot of money and a very complicated process-it’s difficult to know which parts are actually necessary, but I promise you it is worth it! Even if you aren’t about joining a society, you get access to the badminton/squash courts, pool, table tennis and the Rock up and Play sessions which gives you a tonne of options for that empty afternoon of aimlessly scrolling through Netflix.

– Don’t rush into the gym: Warwick gym is very well kitted out, super convenient in terms of location and actually a pretty good deal price-wise. However, unless you have committed yourself to the extra cost and have attempted a few ‘quick’ sessions between lectures, you really aren’t to know how busy it gets at peak times, thus making it that much more time consuming when waiting for the equipment you really want to use. Try out the taster sessions in Week 1 and 2 and see if it is really for you. A lot of people turn up thinking it is a great idea, ready to start their new regime but never really led the #gains life so end up forking out for something they end up barely using, or even worse, injuring themselves by using the equipment incorrectly. If you’re living in Leamington, consider Bizz or Pure gyms as alternatives which are bigger and probably more convenient to your lifestyle.

– Join a sports club! Or two! Or three!: I cannot emphasise enough how great the sports clubs here are and provide a cheap way of staying fit and getting a group of new friends- how else are you going to enjoy the wonders of Circle? Seriously though, the clubs aren’t just for socials, if you’re anything like me and sometimes find socialising quite tiring and just fancy getting into the zone and working off last nights’ Vialli’s they’re another way to do that too. By no means do you have to be an expert, most people I have met through sports here have been beginners, and working out with others can be motivating, either through competitiveness or camaraderie; whatever works for you! Shameless plug: anyone can join Warwick Athletics and they have different sessions everyday including biweekly Circuits which is like a way more fun gym so definitely check it out!

– Learn a running route: There are actually designated campus routes which are super safe and vary in length for ability and can be found on that sign near Claycroft (you’ve probably passed it on the way to Tesco!). Alternatively, get involved in one of the many University/ Leamington running groups to provide extra motivation or download a running app like MapMyRun to get personal direction through your headphones and access to hundreds of tested routes. Leamington does a 5k ParkRun every Saturday at Newbold Comyn; it is at 9am, but if you chose to not hit Neon it’s a really fun run for all abilities, just give it a google.

– Make it part of your routine: Use the Wednesday afternoon as it was designed for and have a regular swim, run or gym session, you’ll feel so much better when setting aside a bit of time a week to work through the Purple. Once it’s in your routine, you won’t want to skip it!

Hope this has been helpful!

Fiona xx

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