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Keep your mind alert during the summer!

Well, we are now entering into a summer break and good luck with all your results. 

Many of us will have plans this summer, going home to visit family and friends, pursuing hobbies and interests as well as travelling in many cases!!

I was told when I started at Uni last year to,  read, read and read! So I will continue reading, It does not matter if it is not an academic book, but to read something, a magazine, fiction or non -book, to use a Kindle or even read a children’s book.

This will keep our minds active.  We can draw on what we have learnt in our studies. We will without thinking, think critically about what we read,  evaluate and challenge what we read, and to have fun!

Happy reading, have a great summer, we have all worked exceptionally hard, we deserve this break. Enjoy!





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