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During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
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Hello Beautiful people,

I hope you are holding on to your exams and essay deadlines. I know it can be overwhelming some days and I can’t stress enough the need to use mindfulness and ask for support whenever and to whoever is needed – professional or friendly- We all have our own coping mechanism, walking, running, dancing, reading, or jumping in poodles LOL but seriously, find what is appealing to you and what makes you relax and happy. However, the wellbeing department is always here and offers a range of support including productivity and procrastination; there are a couple of events available to book following this link: Also, there is always access to a 1 2 1:

Personally, I need to walk in nature to breathe some fresh air and see some “greens” as well as meet friends 😊. Like probably most of you, I have a consequent workload, but I have managed to attend the Earlsdon festival on Monday bank holiday on the 2nd of May as a CLL Ambassador plus, I have met a new colleague from the CLL department working together on this event. I found it refreshing and interesting to work as an ambassador because it offers a break from “the books” and I love to interact and discuss with new people. Promoting the opportunity to study whilst having the financial system in place is a great advantage.

On the topic of festival and interaction, Warwick Volunteers offers a range of activities that you can participate in as a volunteer or simply as a visitor and you can register your interest here: This coming weekend they have organised an outdoor walk-in Coventry by the campus – the Bluebell Walk from 10.30 to 3 pm – and in Leamington near the Canalside. The aim of these events is often to support a local community.

On a different and in my previous blog, I mentioned that I was volunteering for the French presidential which happened to be on Sundays during May (2 votes process). These were also an opportunity to meet and greet with the French community coming from different parts of the region plus the opportunity to discuss my position as a mature student of Warwick university – well, during the breaks with other volunteers, not with the voters – oh surprise, I have met with a French younger student also at Warwick University studying International Politics. What a small world but not always that small after all! 😊

Last Friday the 6 of May, I went to support the “Fridays” premiere movie event who happened to take place in the Warwick Art Centre building – which I did not go since their renovations – and I found the building very nice, modern and spacious. The cinema room is also spacious and comfortable! I have decided to give myself the chance to come there to watch a film to take advantage of this beautiful place. There is also a very nice restaurant with a view of the campus, but I have not tasted their food yet! 😊

On these notes, please don’t forget to keep moving, breathe, and be mindful of your health and your needs. Sleeping is part of the process too! 😊

Good luck

Peace and Love


During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
Find out more about me Contact Cecile

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