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Joining Warwick: will I fit in?

One of my greatest fears when it was my time to join Warwick was whether I would fit in with the rest of the people. Coming from a state school, on top of that with a B in A level chemistry, I felt like I got more than what I deserved when I got accepted at Warwick – one of the top universities in the country!

It might sound weird to you how I got accepted with a B but I missed an A with one mark. Nevertheless, it was a B but the Warwick chemistry department gave me the one opportunity to redeem myself and I decided to seize it and think about nothing but my passion for chemistry and use it to motivate myself to keep going.

University is your place to shine. It is your time to show what you’re capable of and, guess what, you’re in charge of your life and your education! Warwick university, and the chemistry department, gave me the opportunity to prove to myself that I am more than just a B grade student and to not let grades or a piece of paper define you. I achieved a 2:1 in my first year and seeing graduates celebrating that they have achieved a 2:1 inspires me even more as I realise how much progress I have made this past academic year. I must add it wasn’t all due to my passion and hard work and my desire to learn chemistry but also all the support I got from my family; especially my sister.

My friends at Warwick were the main reason I was able to stay sane in term 3 – away from mum. Especially those mini conversations in the library with my library buddies discussing concerns, revision problems etc made a huge difference and helped me stay calm.

The chemistry department was super supportive. All the emails I was sending to my lecturers and administration teams asking silly questions but they were always willing to clarify things. Laboratory demonstrators were so helpful with giving background information regarding experiments, teaching the chemistry related to the experiments, speaking to us about our passions and what we like, and were always there to boost confidence (as much as I enjoy labs, I always worry about messing up my experiments and that too so much that I end up really messing them up).

Therefore, if you’re coming to Warwick, the last think you should be worrying about is whether you’ll fit in. There is something and someone for everyone here. So, prepare for university by looking more into student life on campus: social events, societies, sports, and other opportunities available to you (e.g. volunteering/ fundraising/ charity events) and get involved!

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