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Joining societies/sports

Hi everyone, so summer seems to be going scarily fast these days and before you know it, university will be starting again! I’m sure a lot of you are thinking about joining societies and/or sports clubs in your first year, which I definitely recommend because they are so beneficial!

  • Go onto the Warwick Student Union website because that is where you will find a list of all of the societies that Warwick has to offer, bearing in mind that if there is a society you want to join that doesn’t exist, if you get enough people willing to join you can make your own society.
  • For sports, go onto the Warwick Sport website because there is a sports centre on campus, there are fitness classes, a gym and swimming pool. For sports clubs, the Warwick Student Union website also has all the sports clubs that you can join on campus.
  • In Freshers Week, attend the Societies Fair and the Sports Fair, you can meet the exec of each club and find out more information about each club.
  • Most societies and clubs will have taster sessions for you to attend but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have to join it just gives you a flavour of what they will be like. I recommend going to quite a few taster sessions, which will help you make a decision about what to join.

The benefits of joining a society or sports club:

  • You make new friends which you’re likely to spend most of your university time with
  • You will gain more skills and be able to put it on your CV
  • Developing your confidence and teamwork skills
  • Improves your fitness and/or knowledge
  • A good use of spare time away from university work
  • Networking
  • Can take you out of your comfort zone
  • The socials and events are an extra means of making new friends and exploring nightlife at university
  • Most importantly, it is something fun and enjoyable!

I highly recommend joining a clob or society at university, as someone who does Netball and volunteering, I have made lots of new friends and it has made my university experience so much better. I hope this has been useful for you future students and I hope you’re all getting excited for freshers week!

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