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Joining (Dance) Societies

Let’s be honest. As much as you may come to university to study, everybody needs a good social life. For me, the most exciting part of uni life is the societies and sports clubs, and there’s so many! A really great way to find out about out about which ones to join, is to visit the all-day fairs that happen in the first week. To be honest it all feels like a massive blur to me now because I spoke to so many different societies and got bombarded with so much information that I had to carefully construct a timetable to ensure I could go to as many taster sessions as possible.

I initially went to loads of introductory sessions/welcome talks but I realised some of them were not for me (Harry Potter society, Trampolining). So I bought membership for four societies I wanted to join however by the middle/end of term one, I was so busy with my studies and other society commitments that I had to stop going to Aerobics and Latin & Ballroom classes. 🙁 That left me with two societies that I really loved and felt committed to: Classical and Modern Dance (CMD) and Warwick Tap.

CMD is without doubt the biggest dance society on campus. It caters for all ability levels in Ballet, Jazz, Commercial, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Despite its size, it is hugely welcoming and the exec and teachers (all current students) make a big effort to get to know everyone. Warwick Tap is smaller but this means you get to know everyone which creates a lovely friendly atmosphere. I honestly couldn’t say which I prefer more.


CMD Showcase term 1 Intermediate Contemporary

I regularly attend classes with both and am also choreographing a Tap solo and the Intermediate Jazz group routine for competitions later this term. Even as a fresher you can be a really active member! Aside from the several competitions in term two, there are plenty more opportunities to perform: CMD put on a showcase at the Warwick Arts Centre in term 1 and 3, and Warwick Tap organise Pizazz! in term 2 where 12 dance societies from across the uni join together to perform a dazzling show in Leamington. I really encourage you to get involved with as many opportunities as you can! The class timetables change each term meaning that if you can’t make a class that you want to attend in the first term, hopefully you can in the second term.

There are also loads of social events to come to in both societies. For example, this term I’ve been on domestic tour to Liverpool with CMD and this morning got back from a London trip with Tap! These events are a great way to meet people outside the class environment and I’ve made some great friends with not just fellow freshers, but second and final years as well.

Tap Christmas meal

Tap Christmas meal

I cannot stress enough how both societies have improved my University experience. There are hundreds of societies and sports clubs available. Take your pick and get stuck in! It will be the best decision you make at uni.

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