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Join the Club! Why You Should Join a Society or Sports Club.

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Everyone enters uni life and gets told countless times that these will be the best years of your life and to make the most of them. You may be confused by this statement if university hasn’t been the smoothest ride for you, which will be inevitable at some point in your uni experience. For me, second year was one of those times and joining mixed netball sports club at the beginning of my third year really transformed my uni experience and was of the best choices I’ve made in my time throughout university! Here’s why I found it was so valuable to me to join a club:  

Get involved in the University Community

By choosing a club with likeminded and friendly people will really make you feel involved and like you are part of a community. As well as this, it will lead you to make friends, bring you out of your shell and engage you more in what’s going on in Campus, whereas prior to this you may have kept to your own bubble in your flat/house.

A Break from the Studying

Joining a club or society allows you to set aside a certain time in the week to have a break from lectures and studying and to just enjoy. This still enables you to have structure to your routine but gives you that well-deserved break. As well as this, if it is a sports club you are joining, it allows you to stay fit and healthy, giving you exercise which can help your well-being physically and mentally.

Help Make a Difference

Many clubs and societies have experiences where you can volunteer and help raise money for charity so you can not only do something that is good for you but will help others in the process. For example, for Mixed Netball, they run multiple charity events such as 24-hour Shootout, a charity quiz and Santa Dash for Myton Hospices where everyone comes together and raises money for a great cause.

There Will Always be Something for You

Don’t let the idea of drinking events or intense exercise and training put you off from joining a society of club. Many clubs make sure they are all inclusive and do socials that don’t have to involve drinking alcohol or sports clubs where you can do whatever you feel comfortable with and build up from there.

Have Fun!

The most important thing for you is to make friends, enjoy and do something you love! So, think about what you want you want in a society or club and let that help you decide what you want to do. Go to as many taster sessions as you can and don’t be afraid to delve in and talk to as many people as possible to help decide if that is the club for you.


Joining a club has so many benefits where people come together as a team, get healthy together, socialise together, make a difference together and have fun together! I really encourage everyone to do this and finding a club that is ideal for you can transform your university experience. 

Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

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