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Jobs you can apply for on campus

Melissa Kaye
Melissa Kaye | German and Business Studies Contact Melissa

As much as university is a time to study and have fun, many students find that their student loan disappears pretty quickly and it can be nice to supplement your income by taking up a job. Of course, it is completely personal preference whether you decide to work whilst studying. Some find that it can be distracting and difficult to fit in shifts around lectures, others like the challenge and extra money. I believe that the compromise is finding a flexible job on campus. There are many different opportunities available and they are all designed with students in mind. Campus jobs are much more understanding about deadlines and you’re more likely to have a flexible working schedule to fit in the hours when you can manage it. And the location is ideal. Over four years, between myself and my friends, we’ve tried out several of the different job positions on campus and this post sums up a few of the reasons why we enjoyed that particular job:

Student Ambassador, Languages Department – myself

I’ve really loved being part of the student ambassador team this year. In the past few months, I’ve worked as an assistant for various languages events involving translation and cultural studies. The students ranged in ages and I enjoyed promoting languages as an A level choice as well as a degree and a career option. During peak season, I worked two to three full-day events per term.

Street Team – Joe

I worked with the Warwick ‘Street Team’ for 2 years during my studies. The Street Team role involves giving out publicity in kitchens across all campus accommodations and chatting to students about upcoming campus events. The hours were very flexible and I got to see all parts of campus. I’d recommend it to those looking for fewer working hours and something to fit in around your studies.

Curiositea Barista – Kirsten

I worked at the student run cafe Curiositea during my second year. I usually worked 2 shifts a week, approximately 10 hours, and this gave me a bit of extra cash, whilst not distracting from my studies too much. Working at Curiositea was great fun! It was a great opportunity to get to know some other students, perfect my coffee making skills and learn how to make the amazing extra special hot chocolate. One last thing to bear in mind, if you do end up working at Cusiositea, is that you will probably start spelling the word ‘curiosity’ wrong in most of your notes!

Mead Gallery Assistant – Sophie

Working at the Mead Gallery allows me to gain relevant experience for my course since it is based in the Arts Sector as well as being a friendly and welcoming environment to work in. The hours are also flexible and I can work according to my schedule each week. It is also an interesting place to work as the exhibitions change on a regular basis, which keeps the job fun and refreshing.

This is only a small selection of the opportunities available and many are listed on or promoted through Warwick SU. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Melissa Kaye
Melissa Kaye | German and Business Studies Contact Melissa

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