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Jobs for a Classicist

Over the Christmas holidays, I’ve had plenty of family memebers forgetting what course I do, then after being told that I do classics, they then say "oh, what job can you get with that?". So for you classicists who need a list to make your family and friends realise that your degree many not be directly vocational but it is fabulously versatile, beneficial and just purely amazing……I’ve made a simple list for you!

The obvious jobs

Higher education LecturerInvolves: delivering lectures, marking essays/papers, working alongside students to reach their potential in their studies Requirements: 2.1 in your degree and PhD, brilliant ability to deliver and communicate ideas Pay: £33,000-£58,000

Secondary School TeacherInvolves: Possibly teaching ancient languages, classical civilisation, classics, ancient history, or even another humanities subject. (Subjects like citizenship, PSHE, general studies, other languages) Requirements: QTS + your degree, enthusiasm, organisation skills, the ability to be clear and also consice when teaching Pay: £32,000 (Unfortunately we have very little info about this pay, because of academies, private schools etc… is unpredictable)

Heritage manager Involves: working to achieve the conservation and management of buildings or other historical artefacts, most commonly known to work with the National Trust Requirements: Passion and interest, you need to love this to enjoy it otherwise you’d be bored out of your brains Pay: £16,000-£68,000

The ones where you have to think outside the box

Museum/gallery Curator Involves: Using collected art or artefacts to educate and inspire the public. Possibly be fundraising and marketing to develop the gallery/museum. Requirements: plenty of experience to be able to network and think creatively in order to use your pieces in an effective way. Your aim is to make an impact with the work you have. Pay: £35,000-£60,000 (This can be purely dependent on what artefacts or pieces of art work you have, could get your hands on Michael Jackson’s glittery glove, or his button from a jacket….what would people pay to see?)

Editorial Assistant Involves: The overlooking of the publication of books, journals, magazines and possibly online material. Requirements: Experience within the field and the ability to meet deadlines (can’t let a book look unfinished when it’s published.) Pay: £23,000-£40,000

Journalist Involves: Researching and writing accounts on current and possibly past events Requirements: PLENTY of experience, being able to express yourself in a interesting and clear way (If you’re boring and difficult to read, nobody will want to read you. No readership=no success=no money) Pay: £11,000-£40,000 (need to rememeber that you could own your own paper, work for the best paper in the country it’s all about who you work for or shall I say what you own)

The ones I didn’t realise could be a possibility

Public Relations Account Executive Involves: Being the middle man between organisations, individuals and even the public. you work in order to promote your client by networking and advertising in an effective way. Basically like a spin doctor Requirements: need to network extremly well, being able to play with words and think of ways in which the public will react in a positve way towards your client. Pay: £18,000-£100,000 (purely depends on who you work for… a simple business or a celebrity)

Market Researcher Involves: Focusing on collecting data to analyse and then provide useful information to clients on how to develop their career/business. You can do Quantitive research (working with statisitics and percentages to access the success or failure of your client) or Qualative Research (which is analysing the public reaction and provide logicla reasons to the statistics given) Requirements: To be able to use data effectively to make political, social and economical decsions to ensure a client continues to develop Pay: £20,000-£70,000 (Again, you need to think who you work for, you could work for Microsoft to asses the success of a product or you could work with a small manufactoring business)

Solicitor Involves: providing legal support and advice to clients in commercial (business related disputes), personal (things like injuries, wills, family matters), and rights protection (ensuring compensation is made). Requirements: A degree + legal practice course in 1 year + Graduate Diploma in Law + Common Professional Examination. Brilliant communication skills and confidence. Pay: £25,00-£100,000 (Money comes from the case, who you work for, and your success)

This is a list found on Prospects, but heres another list of people (who have made an effect on my life) who have done classics that you must consider………

W.E.B. DuBois, soci­ol­o­gist and co-​​founder of NAACP J.K. Rowl­ing, author of Harry Pot­ter books Boris Johnson, Mayor of London James Baker, for­mer U.S. Sec­re­tary of State Chuck Geschke, co-​​founder of Adobe Sys­tems Porter Goss, former head of the CIA Ted Turner, founder of CNNNick Owen, BBC Broadcaster (for the MIDLANDS!) Betty Friedan, founder of NOW Chris Martin, Lead singer of Coldplay

Sooooo, just proves that Classics really is as diverse as I hoped. It’s difficult because I did classics on the basis that I love the subject and I had no idea what i wanted to do for my career…but now I still don’t know because I have so much choice. I think what you need to realise is that this degree is going to give you so many skills that you can deploy into your interests which will (hopefully) bring you to the path of your career. Do what makes you happy, and work to your strengths, plenty of work experience is key to make you shine in this world.

Have a great Christmas xxx

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