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Job Applications, Job Applications Everywhere: Use Careers and Skills!

Lately, I’ve started to think more and more about what I’m going to do after Warwick. I’m in my final year, and it’s really starting to hit me that in a few months, I will likely no longer be a student. I’ve got a pile of things I want to apply to, each with its own set of tests and interviews and all that good stuff. So, in preparation for leaving Warwick, I’ve been going to various events organised through Careers and Skills. They’ve all been really useful, so I thought I’d share what I’ve done…

Autumn Careers Fair

I’d looked up which stalls were going to be there before I went along, and ended up going around and talking to representatives from all of the companies that I thought I might be interested in. There were also a few which unexpectedly caught my eye, so it was nice to be able to ask more about what they do and find out more about fields I’d never considered. I heard a lot of people talking about internships for non-finalists, so it’s not just useful for people graduating this year!

Of course, there are also piles of freebies up for grabs at these types of events (I got everything from free pens to shower gel), but the most important thing for me was getting information and an idea of when and how to apply for graduate jobs.

PwC Psychometric Testing Skills Session

I went along to this session yesterday – I’ve taken psychometric tests before, but thought it would be useful to see whether there was anything more I should know before doing more of them. I’ve learnt that (perhaps unsurprisingly, given that I do maths) I’m better at the numerical and logical tests than I am at the verbal reasoning tests. They gave us suggestions of how to improve this though – reading more widely and doing practice online.

Job Search Advice Appointment

I’ve already applied to some jobs, and am in the process of applying for others, so I thought I’d go and get some advice from a pro! I had an interview coming up a few days after my appointment, so I asked Kay about how to succeed in a competency-based interview. I’m also applying to some jobs that want to see a CV, so I asked her about how I can improve the way my CV is written to appeal to an employer. The advice was really helpful – and 100% tailored to my needs! I’m really glad I booked a session and wish I’d done it much earlier in my time at Warwick.

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