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It’s time to choose Warwick!

Studying Warwick International Foundation Programme has so many benefits. As we all have a personal tutor, who leads a group of approximately ten people, guides on the universities, courses, perspectives, other students’ experiences and UCAS application itself. I’m thankful for my tutor Amanda, who gave me a great idea of how to fill in the UCAS form, how to pick a course from a great variety of choices. We also had meetings with previous foundation course students, who explained the own path to the university of their dream and answered our questions.

Now it’s time when final-year school student as well as we, foundation course students, are getting replies from the universities. Do not worry if you still didn’t get an answer from at least one of the five choices.

I have already heard back from all the five universities and now it’s time for a difficult decision to be made.

There are some factors you have to think of before picking your two choices.

1. Divide all your offers into two categories: your first choices (which you had picked according to the ranking, great structure of the programme or any others factors that had influenced your decision) and safe choices. Be aware of the fact that if you get proper grades and meet the conditions for your first choice, you get into this particular university. That’s why, there is no need to pick firm and insurance choices with the same entry conditions. As if you don’t meet the conditions of one, you cannot go to the second one, respectively.

2. Explore your first choices again! Compare them according to the course, core modules you will study, internship opportunities; ranking, location, societies and sports, and further facilities. The thing that really helped while choosing Warwick was the student blogs, so I recommend you to look through some of them, and, probably, that will help you to decide.

3. When you are ready with your firm choice, you need to think carefully about the insurance one. The first question you need to answer: “Do I really want to study there?” If you don’t, perhaps, it might be a good idea to choose one of your first choices as your insurance choice (BUT only if this uni asked for easier achieved conditions).

4. If you had been offered an unconditional place at the university and it’s not your first-choice uni, I would, probably, pick it as an insurance choice straight away.

Deciding on the two choices is obviously a challenging task, especially when you got all five offers. I have already fallen in love with such an amazing place as the University of Warwick!

Choose Warwick!

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